When the Conductor became ill on the scene, he found the doctor in the hall

Когда Мессингу стало плохо на сцене, он сам нашел врача в зале
Medium accurately pointed out the place where sits the man who can help him.

Photo: photo from personal archive of Galina Pashchenko

A resident of Penza, where acquaintances became friends with the theater after amazing stories, told about what she witnessed.

“She came to us to Penza on tour in the early 70’s. We see him not hit, but went to friends of my parents — Maria Leontievna Verizhnikova with her husband, the chief of the Penza military hospital, Vladimir V. Alkhimovich. In the evening they called us and told an absolutely incredible story!

During his speech, the war was bad, adjourned, he was taken away from the scene. Hall sat in anticipation of what will happen next. Then the Director of the Philharmonic through the whole series of sneaks to Alkhimovich. It turned out to be the girl they sent for him. Wolf Grigorievich, suffering from acute pains in his legs, said that in the hall there is a doctor who can help him. And just called the place on which sat Vladimir Gromov, and even said that he came on the view with his wife. And asked both to come to him backstage. Maria Leontievna at the moment very scared, because messing on stage — this show is not for the faint of heart, especially when he put himself into a trance. But she was worried in vain: the upside met some of our friends very kindly, thanked for their participation and explained that we had a cure. And what kind of pain he still has from his youth, since during the escape from German captivity he hurt his foot, only with age, the problem intensified. Vladimir Vsevolodovich immediately sent to the hospital the car for drugs, they quickly delivered, everything was OK. Parted they have friends, they have somehow emerged from emotional contact. And messing goodbye they simply said, “I Want to visit you!” What alkhimovich with Verizhnikova said: “Tomorrow is waiting for you! We’ll send a car for you!”

They lived in a normal Khrushchev five-storey building in West Glade is a green district in Penza. And Messing their guest very much, he said, “If you don’t mind, I will gladly come to visit you again. So to say, incognito, because in Penza at me while the tour is not expected. I’m going to visit friends”. And Maria Leontievna and Vladimir Vsevolodovich was just happy. Indeed, he later came to see him, sometimes for days, sometimes for a week. “I have you well, I you soul rest”, — explained to our friends the sound. However, my mom thought that messing sympathetic mistress of the house is more than just a friend…”

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