When the completion? Vera Brezhnev made a statement about the birth of third child

Когда пополнение? Вера Брежнева сделала заявление о рождении третьего ребенка
The singer delighted fans.

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: @ververa (Instagram Vera Brezhneva)

Vera Brezhnev made a surprise announcement on the eve of his family, which provoked rumors of her pregnancy. In an interview behind the scenes of the “New wave”, the singer started talking about what next year may return to the annual festival of Igor Krutoy with “another child.”

Fans do not exclude that the news about the imminent addition to the family Brezhneva may be careless joke of Faith. However, many took the stars seriously, considering that the singer actually is about to re-experience the joy of motherhood. “I dream of returning to the “New wave” in the coming year, but with another baby!” quotes Faith Dni.ru.

It should be noted that since, as Faith was the lawful wife of Konstantin Meladze, the rumors about her pregnancy appear with surprising regularity. This is largely due to the Brezhnev era itself, which has repeatedly stated in interviews that they are ready to become a mother for the third time and looks forward to this opportunity.

“I now have two, but I want to have more. Because she was born in a big family, there were four of us and we were completely comfortable – even in the absence of financial possibilities. We grew very friendly, instilled in us the right values. In General I think that in a large family formation and raising children is correct, the child grows in the society, the company, though relatives, but other people. Sometimes I think that being the only family a child grows up selfish. Sonia is 16. A couple more years, that’s it-and it will fly out from under the parental wing. Sometimes I think: is that really Sarah will be one? Then I want more!“ — said not so long ago Faith.