When Ryan met Ryan, Hollywood has mixed up two actors

Когда Райан встретил Райана: Голливуд перепутал двух актеров

Gosling and Reynolds met on the ceremony of Critics Choice Awards 2017 and themselves marveled at the resemblance to each other.

We have many RAH wrote about the similarity of the Hollywood actors with the Russians. And now, now it’s time to write about how can be similar between the two Western stars. We are talking about Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. Just look at their joint photo with the 22nd of kinteroni Critics Choice Awards, held over the weekend.

The shots of the actors is almost impossible to distinguish from each other. Both in black suits, with hair laid on one side, and a beard. But what to say, eyes, nose, lips, face shape they also have incredible similarities! What’s the difference? One eye blue and the other brown. Oh, and Gosling loves Eva Mendes, and Reynolds – Blake lively. This difference is probably over. Unbelievable, but true.

The actors themselves, by the way, their similarities turned into a joke. They happily posed for photographers arm in arm, pointing fingers at each other. And the Internet-users and journalists, as soon as I saw the frame of the two Ryans began to comment on the post.

“When Ryan met Ryan”, “I Never would have thought that they are similar. Amazing”, “It’s very funny,” wrote fans under the post.

Gosling or Reynolds? Who do you like more?

  • Better Holsing there is none!
  • I am in favor of Reynolds. He has no equal!
  • Both actor is good
  • Like none of them