When is the wedding Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez?

Когда будет свадьба Дженнифер Лопес и Алекса Родригеса?

To combine career and family, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez very hard, because their schedules are tightly Packed to the end of the year. But that didn’t stop the star athlete to make an offer of marriage to his sweetheart, so we’ll have to plan a wedding. but where to cram a huge event or not doing it at all? She meets Jennifer on radio show Cubby & Carolina In the Morning.

Когда будет свадьба Дженнифер Лопес и Алекса Родригеса?

“We haven’t started to plan, in fact just got engaged! Then immediately plunged into the work: tight schedule until the end of the year, so I don’t know what will. We haven’t decided to cram the wedding somewhere or to wait… I really don’t know,” said the singer.

Recently, the couple have become ambassadors of the brand Quay Australia and starred in the first joint photo shoot for him. “We’re really happy. Thankful for today. It brings us great joy,” said singer.

But not so cloudy as it might seem. A wave of happiness and provoked negative comments. A former colleague of Alex, 54-year-old baseball player josé Canseco expressed their concerns about marriage couples and even revealed some spicy details of the life of his friend.

After banns Jose on Twitter posted a few posts in which “exposes” his colleague and even talks about the betrayal of Alex! “Poor girl, she has no idea who he really is! Alex Rodriguez, it’s time for you to stop being a piece of shit! Stop trying to change Jennifer. Just a few months ago I saw with my own eyes how he called my ex-wife Jessica,” said Canseco.

If many fans of the star couple and Alex Rodriguez in particular has expressed its outrage and disbelief to the athlete, that they are very confident! He is willing to take responsibility for their words and even called Rodriguez a Boxing match. The athlete even ready to take the test on the lie detector!

The engagement Jennifer said, laid out in instagram photo, which shows the ring with a huge diamond. In turn, Alex has shared with fans the good news, signed photo, “She said, “Yes!”

Of course, fans were quick to know how much cost a huge diamond on the hand of the singer. Katherine Mani, an expert on the jewelry, reported that the cost of the ring is estimated at more than $ 4.5 million. “Stunning wedding ring decorated with emerald cut diamond weighing 12-15 carats, it is made of white gold or platinum,” says Mani.

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