What’s wrong with the name of the son of Dmitry Malikov? Fans were actively discussing this topic

Что не так с именем сына Дмитрия Маликова? Фанаты бурно обсуждают эту тему
The singer with his wife took the boy from the hospital.

Dmitry Malikov with daughter Stephanie

Photo: @Instagram steshamalikova Stephanie Malikova

Learning that Dmitry Malikov became a father for the second time in fingruppo artist fans started arguing about how the couple named the newborn son. Ideal in the opinion of the majority — the boy was given the name in honor of his father. Other fans suggested that the boy named Yuri, like his famous grandfather. Waiting for the artist will reveal the secret name, they discussed, it seems that all possible options.

Igor Nikolaev also turned out to be interested in this topic. In his microblog he had congratulated a colleague on his birthday and at the same time asked: “And with the birth of a son! By the way, what’s his name? Hi Lena, Stesha, Inna and parents!”Dmitry Nikolaev thanked for the warm words, but the name of the heir is not revealed. Why? Because the singer and his wife, as it turned out, only thinking of how to call son. Baby, according to media reports, was born on January 24, but still didn’t get the name.

“Above the name I think…”writes Malik. Fans response Malikov is surprised. “The baby is born… and you just think?”, “As expected, and the name did not come up? I from the wedding knew how to call their children” “And we with the husband have agreed on a second date,” — writes Dmitry groupies. However, the time the artist and his wife is still there. A birth certificate can be issued within one month after the birth of the baby.

By the way, fans of Dmitry drew attention to the fact that Stephanie is a daughter of Malikov “cool” reacted to the emergence of his brother. While the parents were in the hospital next to giving birth to a surrogate mother, Stesha engaged in shopping in Milan. And, a few days later, at a party on the occasion of the discharge of his brother from the hospital it is the opinion of the users and looked at all sad.