Singer LEO Now immersed in the creative process. : singer LEO shared her life principles” />The fact is that she is actively preparing for the premiere of her first track and video “Stupid Boy” and, of course, all this takes a lot of strength and nerves.

But in the life of an artist there are important principles that help her develop and cope with replenishment of resources.
“My credo: what you radiate is what you receive. I realized this when I took up yoga and meditation,” admitted LEO.

“These practices have a life-giving effect, namely an increase in energy and a change in thinking. It works like a boomerang. When you are with a positive attitude, disinterestedly turn to people or generally put something positive into your every act, it will definitely come back to you, ”the singer explained.

«What you radiate is what you receive»: singer LEO shared her life principles

And LEO also said that she noticed by her example how these practices changed her life: people appeared in the environment who make her happy, the Universe gives signs and tips, and overall well-being improves, as does her appearance. So, as the singer notes, “Meditations project an inner light.”

In addition, LEO noted the importance of shifting a healthy focus to one's own life and development:
“If you prioritize the needs of other people, and not your own, there is a bias and a lack of resources for yourself. Therefore, take care of yourself first of all, so you can share your energy with others.”

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