What women want: Oksana Fedorova about the new collection

Чего хотят женщины: Оксана Федорова о новой коллекции

In the framework of the fashion Week Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia TV presenter presented his collection “the Fifth element” Design Studio by Oksana Fedorova spring/summer 2017. It is already recognized as one of the most successful she sews outfits for real women, not lifeless models, defiles the catwalk. The editors of Woman’s Day has learned, what are the rules of star designer is guided in creating the outfits, and that her main clothing.

Women love intelligent sexuality

The collection is called “the 5th element” because, first, it anniversary – our fifth season, and second, I turn to the topic of creation of the Universe, which consists of four elements: earth, water, air, fire and the fifth element – the soul. That’s the philosophy. I find the DNA of their brand. I wanted to make clothes available, if not all, the many, loving the elegant simplicity and an intellectual sexiness and quality. We have a few of these brands are not available couture or very simple things. My goal is to make the Russian brand of decent quality, in which every woman could find something for themselves.

I look at what things to buy, and see that women want to look beautiful, stylish, you do not want to be overwhelmed and hide behind the clothes your personality. I think that the main thing in the image must contain the element of attraction, mysteries, that is, it may be slit at skirt a certain level, a closed neckline and an open back, depending on what you do focus. I’m talking about items that are not conspicuous, but accentuates the beauty, and speak not against tight-fitting clothing, and for comfort and ease that the thing was as a mother. Yet, in my experience, women like the variable thing. During the show we have not delayed on dresses belts, they hung, to see what outfit you can wear both free and cinched waist. I used to think that many tend to cover his hands, but looked at the sale and realized that the most popular we had a light dress sand color off the shoulder. Still, women are not afraid!

Uncomfortable outfits just for two hours

I like the subtlety and clean lines. My signature character, of course, brighter and more zasuvny, but in everyday life I love basic wardrobe. What’s in it? The silhouette selected items: trench coat, shirt, black pants, pencil skirt, simple straight dress that will fit any shoes, shoes heel, pumps, coat medium length, knitted pullover, cardigan, light jacket, pantsuit, light chiffon dress for the summer. All this can be combined as you want with the fashionable bomber jackets, vests, capes and tunics.

If my day is not scheduled anything, in addition to his practice, training and meetings, I wear completely normal clothes. I love leather pants – both broad and narrow, as the top can pick up for a simple blouse or shirt, a cashmere pullover, and boots with high heels. That is dress up so that I was comfortable. Uncomfortable outfits can afford no more than two hours. Sometimes you can be patient, but in reality it is not applicable.

Clothes should not argue with the person

Seeing as I’m bright, I overdo it with the color easily. The clothes didn’t argue with my personality, choose straight silhouettes, simple color without fine prints, fewer details, but to present a design idea in one way or another things. For example, there are classic shirt and come with short sleeves, extended shoulder, lowered, it is also important. If you want brightness then it is again a simple silhouette, but intense color – red, delicate cherry, olive. Motley only wear sundresses in the summer, and if selected, I understand that you need to do without jewelry, or too much.

Unprecedented print, bright studs and other trendy things worth buying with caution and only those who know how to wear them. I am a conservative and I understand why most women have such things miss in your closet. Buying what you want, or what I saw on someone, and then, weighing away, we realize that the clothes are not ours. Not sitting, it is uncomfortable, even though she and all the rage. But there is justification for saying that the expensive brand still come in handy someday. Such clothing is often in conflict with our internal state, it must be able to apply and carry. For those who possess this art, it looks stunning.

Designer outfits from one collection given a choice of a complete image, because things are combined with each other.

Choose the Golden mean

In stores now lots of polyester, probably because it’s cheap, and natural fabrics wrinkle more and wear out faster. Synthetic materials are currently of high quality, but it is still synthetic, though sometimes so attractive looking. His brand I choose a middle ground – some things take a natural fabric with added elastane, polyester, approximately 20%, because now everyone is looking at the composition, check the quality. Natural fabrics pleasant to the body. Is it possible to allow synthetic a Cape or tunic because it’s comfortable: things do not crumple, stroking them don’t need, turned in the bag and went.

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