What was silent in the biography of Meghan Markle on the website Royal.uk?

О чем умолчали в биографии Меган Маркл на сайте Royal.uk?

Finally, wait — may 19, hosted the Royal wedding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry! Now the former actress can be called an official member of the Royal family, after which on the website Royal.uk appeared biography girls, which includes charitable activities. However, it decided to hold back on a 15-year career of the actress.

“Force majeure”, “Remember me” and “Horrible bosses” — those films in which still you can see Megan not in the Royal status. The new season of “Force majeure”, which many remember actress, will still be released.

But on the charitable activities of the girls decided to write as much as possible, because it is in the Royal family is revered. In 2015, Megan was a goodwill Ambassador for the UN in 2016, participated in the campaign for clean water in Rwanda, and long time cooperated with the Fund Mahila Myna in India that helps women with employment.

Acting career was greatly helped by Megan. One of the advantages of it was the money that they earned over 15 years of hard labor. They she was able to pay for their chic wedding dress, which even eclipsed the outfit Kate Middleton. Many were surprised that it was not ordered from the British fashion house, as was customary.

Megan decided to give preference to design for a French couture house Givenchy, but the designer was the Briton Clare waight Keller. According to the publication Business Insider, the wedding dress Megan cost her $ 550 thousand. Wedding dress former actress more expensive than Kate Middleton as much as 116 thousand dollars. It should be noted that for the French outfit from home Markle paid herself, because she remained in the reserve as much as $ 5 million, which she earned while working as an actress.

The main decoration of the outfit was the diamond tiara from the Royal collection in 1932. It harmoniously complements the outfit. By the way, like tiara decorated the head of Princess Diana at her wedding.

Bridal veil was a length of about 5 meters. Lace flowers on the veil symbolized each of the Commonwealth countries. Image complements of earrings with diamonds.