Что было скрыто в свадебном платье Меган Маркл?

Despite the fact that the Royal wedding of the year in Britain was a long time ago, interesting facts and events from the event continue coverage in the network. Many wedding dress Megan fashion house Givenchy seemed minimal and incomparable with the dresses Kate or Diana. But most importantly, Megan’s dress was perfect and special. Little detail was hidden in the veil of the wedding dress, which became known only now.

Что было скрыто в свадебном платье Меган Маркл?

Trailer of a documentary about Queen Elizabeth II of the IEE, in which Megan told about a little secret. In the veil of her dress had an embroidered piece of blue fabric. This piece of dress that Megan was on a first date with Prince Harry. “There is a piece of… have You seen it? A piece of blue fabric sewn inside. This is mine. It’s the fabric of the dress, which I was on our first date,” admitted Megan. By the way, it’s a tradition of some of the countries: and the bride should be something new, something old and something blue.

But that’s not all the secrets. Megan decided to surprise my then future husband. Her veil was embroidered with 53 flower, which symbolize the country’s Royal Commonwealth of Nations. This idea is very like Harry. “For me, it is especially important that all 53 Commonwealth countries attended the ceremony. And I thought it would be a pleasant surprise for my husband, who nothing knew,” said the Duchess.

But who knew that after such a special and sincere ceremony Megan and the entire Royal family will haunt her family. Recall, Thomas Markle, Jr. decided to follow in the footsteps of his father, criticizing the Royal family, part of which was his sister. He had previously appealed to Queen Elizabeth II in a letter to Kensington Palace, which was asked not to torment his sister and not let her die like Princess Diana. But I guess, Thomas said not all. British newspaper MailOnline interviewed Thomas, in which he accused the Royal family in the “recruitment” Megan.

“Now Megan was quite different, not what I remember. She was very caring, she took care of all it was important to her. Since Megan went to Hollywood, she changed dramatically. I think she knows it herself. If she was not with Prince Harry, even if I did “Force majeure”, it would stop what is happening. I’m sure she would have found the time and went to our father to make sure he’s okay,” said Thomas.

It went jealousy and envy, because Thomas said that “She feels above all others,” speaking about my sister. Megan’s brother deeply offended by the fact that because of sudden status the nurse couldn’t communicate with his family and establish a relationship with her that is supposed wrong. “In the past, they have been strangers, like the Middletons. Don’t understand what is different about our family. They could take care of my father, and he would be happy,” he added.