What to wear to conquer my man

Что надеть, чтобы покорить своего мужчину Valentine’s day is considered the most romantic holiday around the world. Candlelight dinner, soft music, a love confession… it Remains only to solve the issue with the dress. What to wear? Designer, founder of own brand Jemal Makhmudov, has chosen the top 5 eye-catching outfits.
Что надеть, чтобы покорить своего мужчину

The classic image of women-vamp is unlikely to ever go out of fashion. Red is the color of sexuality and luxury, it combines passion and desire. The girl in red is the image always on the edge. Not to look defiant, the dress should be concise and relatively simple – no frills. Coquetry will give a half-open shoulders and neck. Red outfit with ease can be combined with black pumps and ankle boots, if it is not possible to change the shoes.

3. Lifebuoy

Что надеть, чтобы покорить своего мужчину

If you have no time to go shopping in search of a dress, pick shoes and boots to match, and maybe just do not want to spend money, come to the aid of a timeless classic. This image I called universal lifeline. Talking about the little black dress. Only correctly pick up the neckline and the skirt length, starting from the characteristics of the shape. If hips are plump, then fit MIDI, if you are the owner of slim and long legs, then feel free to wear mini – black bottomtime or boats.

4. Bohemian chick

Что надеть, чтобы покорить своего мужчину

If a loved one has invited you to a fancy restaurant, the Bohemian look is quite appropriate. Small train, open back, deep plunging neckline, side slit on the skirt. A lot of options. And don’t forget about accessories – no massive bags, just a neat little clutch bags. Feet – shoes, and no sandals combined with tights it’s bad.

5. Lifesaver

Dress with graphic lines is an outfit in which can be in the feast, and in the world. If you run out straight from the office (and February 14 is a Wednesday), this bow is perfect for you. Moreover, this kind of dress will help to visually correct shape.

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