What to focus when choosing furniture for the kitchen

На что акцентировать свое внимание при выборе мебели для кухни

Kitchen furniture plays an important role in the organization of comfortable, stylish and functional space. Before buying kitchen furniture should consider some of the details: material, functionality and style decision. It is important that every piece of furniture was the most useful. Also plays an important role and the material, which manufactured furniture. It needs to withstand temperature changes and high humidity.

Equipping the kitchen area, you can choose a corner kitchen, and separate modules, combined with each other. The main thing before purchase is to conduct measurements so that the furniture perfectly fit into the space available.

In each family the choice of furniture will depend on various factors, but we give a few tips that you should pay attention to.

На что акцентировать свое внимание при выборе мебели для кухни

Tip # 1 — define the purpose of the kitchen

First, decide which items you will need, and what you are going to use. For those who have many and often prepares a suitable headset with an abundance of drawers, cabinets and shelves, but who rarely cooks, to clutter the kitchen cabinets are useless not worth it. To focus not only on the work area, but also for dining. For large families or for people who frequently host guests, you should consider the area — a folding table, large sofa, etc.

Tip # 2 — consider the area of the room

In many homes the kitchen is not spacious enough, in this case, you can consider options headset corner, kitchen corner. For large rooms not worth buying miniature furniture, it is better to look to a more massive that was dominated by visual matching of sizes. In non-standard forms and dimensions of the premises, you can always purchase a custom kitchen on an individual project.

Tip # 3 — the material of furniture

The material needs to withstand temperature changes, high humidity and have a long operational life. For the housings headset use wood, MDF, chipboard, each of which has good technical characteristics. Facades can be made of the same material or of plastic, glass or metal inserts. For the manufacture of countertops use shock resistant and robust material — stone, steel, wood, etc. When choosing the material, one must start from the family budget. Kitchen from MDF will be cheaper than solid wood.

Tip # 4 — proper planting

Tables and chairs — the basis of the dining area. If their right to choose, then you will feel comfortable sitting at Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Experts have calculated the optimal amount of space for a comfortable stay at the table. Per person should not be less than 70 cm for a comfortable fit. The chair should be of comfortable height, so that his feet could reach the floor. For frequent receptions of guests take a table-transformer. Importantly, the set looked harmoniously with each other and fit into the overall style of the kitchen.

Tip # 5 — furniture design

Modern kitchens offer a wide variety of stylistic solutions. You can opt for the classics or choose the style “high-tech”. It all depends on your preferences and tastes. Manufacturers offer furniture bright and calm shades, rigorous, extravagant and simple. From a huge variety, you will certainly find a suitable option for you.

На что акцентировать свое внимание при выборе мебели для кухни

Due to the small recommendations, you will be able to choose functional and secure kitchen furniture, which not only will serve you for a long time, but also pleasing to the eye.


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