Какие жены известных актеров страдали от насилия избранников?

Какие жены известных актеров страдали от насилия избранников?Increasingly, fans of Marat Basharova does not discuss his acting talents and new roles, and the abuse of women.

In 2014-m year four months after the wedding with Catherine Ancharovoj, in press the information appeared that Catherine in Komi Republic – as much so over it mocked Marat Basharov. The actor hit the woman’s head in the face. In his interview to Andrey Malakhov, Ekaterina said that she had to endure.

“This man with wild eyes swooped down on me and began to peel anywhere. On the head, face, where got. I was falling. I would get up. And he again
beat!”, recalls Arkharov.

While Catherine was recovering from mental and physical injuries, Basharov built a new family nest. And so his next victim was
Elizabeth. His aggressive temper the woman suffered several years, and then broke down and told everything on his page in Instagram.
“There are things about which you do not want to tell….because it is not a reason for joy or pride. It’s a pain and disappointment!”, — signed in the post

Какие жены известных актеров страдали от насилия избранников?To the last woman would believe that Marat will change.
“I’m sorry that he has no desire to be cured and get rid of this disease for our family, for our children, for the sake of his career!”, — fashin
Ekaterina and Marat Basharov divorced, and aggressive actor had problems with the work. Performances with his participation was removed from the repertoire. With him
refuse to work with some Directors and TV channels.

Sorry, but none of the women Basharova not brought the case to court. The actor is still on the loose, and appear in the press reports and rumors about his new

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