Какая нежность: Зак Эфрон поздравил Симону Байлз в Рио

What could be better than the fourth gold medal in the Olympic games in Rio? Of course, a kiss from the handsome Zac Efron!

19-year-old American gymnast Simone Bilz (incidentally, the first in the history of sports African-American who became world champion in gymnastics in the absolute superiority!) won his fourth gold medal in the floor exercise at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, its indicators are the best gymnastics in the history of the Games. Present the girl’s happiness after the announcement of the results.

But the happiness was even greater (Yes, this is also possible) when, after awarding the medal to Simon congratulated the idol of millions of girls around the world and the most eligible bachelor of Hollywood, the 27-year-old actor Zac Efron.

After receiving a medal gymnast entered an online chat on the social network Snapchat, then the audience saw that next to her is Zac Efron!

“Tell me when we’re live, I don’t know about Snapchat,” said Simone actor. “We’re live,” replied the girl. Then Zach kissed her gently on the cheek, and she was very embarrassed and laughed…

Earlier, Simon and Zack, note, texted on Twitter. The actor wanted the gymnast wins and said it would be rooting for her. Now fans of the actor are wondering, not whether he fell in a miniature gymnast. In any case, he can count on feeling back. Simon has published in the microblog video response with a kiss.

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