На что готовы звезды ради пиара и громких заголовков?

Below about Anastasia Volochkova once again created an eloquent title her enough to undress, which she just loves! To sit in deep twine or put on a naked body some coconuts. But all this is small field florets in comparison with that for PR at the beginning of 2000-x years the star has married. About Nastina’s wedding with businessman Igor Vdovin said then every dog, because that “fat” show-business hangout’t seen for a long time! Hundreds of guests 5 wedding dresses, balloons, horses, on which they were newlyweds. It all reminded me of the tale! But after some time it turned out that it was a well planned PR scheme. A few years Volochkova admitted that officially the marriage with Vdovin she will not be issued. Astonishing wealth, the man actually has, and the luxurious wedding played for money borrowed by the feedback! And after that believe in true love?!

На что готовы звезды ради пиара и громких заголовков?
Someone for PR is getting married, and someone poisoned! Producer and founder of the legendary group “na-na” Bari Alibasov can advertise and beef Patty so that it will buy even a vegetarian! And in the summer of 2019, he again proved it when 2 days before his 72nd birthday was in intensive care and put on the ears of all media. Hospitalized producer, so he allegedly mistakenly drank cleaning pipes, confusing it with a bottle of juice. And while doctors saved the life of Alibasov, his son crucified in front of the cameras about the serious condition of his father.
“He is now under medication, the more he sleeps, the longer he’s in there all shivsena!”, — regretfully explained the son of Bari Alibasov.
However many the story of the poisoning had been quite questionable! First of all puzzled by the fact that having come to consciousness after an artificial coma Bari Alibasov immediately began to speak and his voice has not changed! And I should have!! After all, according to the doctors, at Bari Alibasov was the 4th stage burn of esophagus, the 2nd degree of the damaged stomach and upper respiratory system. With this diagnosis the patients themselves can not eat. But Alibasova would like, grandmother whispered. And after 13 days he actually was discharged from the hospital. And this, according to experts, it is impossible such damage organs! Take all of this PR move was forced and son Alibasov, who in one TV show said that the father was required to remove everything that was happening to him in the hospital.
“I’m in the ambulance serves all the necessary pans and tools, and standing next to the assistant Sergey, and he screams lost footage, fast off!”, said son Alibasov on the show.

На что готовы звезды ради пиара и громких заголовков?
And later appeared in the media information that during one such live TV channels paid about 10 thousand dollars.
“If my father and each other smear, it still all goes to his family!” says son Alibasov.
Without the benefit of itself, Bari Alibasov began attending various talk shows on television, as soon as left the walls of the hospital! And everywhere came only for a fee! According to estimates, thanks to this story, Bari Alibasov pocketed more than 30 thousand dollars. But experts with public management argue that all this was organized to stimulate the 30th anniversary of the group “on-On”, which is in 2019, to celebrate the team. Since they are no longer the top group, the wily producer was poisoned! What can I say, brutal, but very effective!

На что готовы звезды ради пиара и громких заголовков?
Actor Nikita Dzhigurda has long been written off artist! New roles, the man doesn’t offer, and poems with mats, which he says do not impress anyone! Oh, and in his poems, hovered and career of the artist, so to finally do Dzhigurda PR as you can. Nikita started with trumps, took and published a video with the birth of his wife, figure skater Marina Anisina those! The video did its job, about the Army it was even said in the papers “About gardening”. Outraged netizens criticized the actor for what light is, they say, could have, and the process of conception will share with the world.


Who knew that the chair will listen to the advice. Video of the conception of the second child the chair called pretentious: “Erotically philosophical clip”. And when the pair ran cat, Nikita began PR for divorce with Anisina those, filming the wife drunk that she has a drinking problem. But no sooner had the audience close-mouthed in connection with the divorce, how he slew all the news about the reconciliation with his wife and plans to marry her the second time! We can only guess what for the sake of PR will go next time, the eccentric actor?

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