What Sobchak wears bracelets from her husband and from the evil eye

Какие браслеты носит Собчак: от мужа и от сглаза

TV presenter admitted that her hand fall jewelry with meaning.

Sense of style Ksenia Sobchak has long no one causes issues. She is always dressed to the nines, nothing more, all the accessories are chosen wisely. Of course, you will object, the presenter probably has a team of stylists and designers. Maybe that’s the way it is. But we know that even at home Sobchak looks stylish and fashionable. How many times Maxim Vitorgan has posted pictures of his wife, and never on it we haven’t seen a Bathrobe or stretched pants.

Moreover, as it turned out, She is at home and the decorations do not forget. Oh, at least the bracelets as soon as comes, it doesn’t. Because all of her bracelets are not just trinkets, and things with meaning.

“What to do with myself when I used to stay home and all their responsibilities done? To insert pictures in frames, arrange the flowers and to look at the hand! ironically Ksenia wrote in his Instagram. — Hands, I let them just what to do with an important memory or person. Here the evil eye from a hectic mom, lovebracelet from her husband, a red thread from Anya, a blue thread from Pauline Vitorgan… Now can’t lose with these two characters-spines. Very good, huh?”

All the bracelets the fans Sobchak, of course, liked it. However, they were very surprised that such a realistic approach, as She believes in the evil eye and even wears a charm bracelet.

In fact, the presenter in these things just doesn’t believe, but the bracelet he agreed to wear only at the request of my mother. In a recent interview with Tatler magazine Sobchak admitted that when she got pregnant, her mother immediately brought her this bracelet for a long time and persistently begged his daughter to wear. Still, she only in a network of 4 million subscribers, not all of which I wish her happiness, and how many people follow her life on the other side of the screen – do not count! In General, Xenia the entreaties of the mother succumbed and though in the evil eye, says, and does not believe, but as you can see, the bracelet still takes, even though the baby was already born.