Какой секрет хранит Тесс Холлидей?

Какой секрет хранит Тесс Холлидей?
150 pounds of pure beauty is an American model Tess Holliday. Tess chubby since childhood, but never considered it a problem. Although all around all the time tried to convince.
“Of course, in school me and abused me of course it was hard to make friends!” recalls Tess.
Because of problems with peers, Tess Holliday at the age of 17 was forced to leave school and go to work, but the girl didn’t miss a single casting. And every failure was fought one because I had no support among relatives.
“I have always been supported only by the mother. All the rest of the family thought that a little crazy!”, recalls model plus size.

Uprtou Tess noticed in 2011 year. Tattooed lush beauty are invited on a reality show about the struggle with excess weight. And although the idea of the program well, I never liked Tess, but that at least somewhere will light she still agreed to the deal. But hated the show became her lucky ticket, because that is where it was noticed by the fashion agents and …started.
In the world of fashion Tess sing sweet praises, but in a world of hate words fail, especially in social networks:
“You’re sick!”, — reads one of the comments.
“It’s disgusting!”, — write on her page on Instagram under the next photo.
But Tess sends all enemies where for more and continues to show your curvy shape, sometimes even entirely bare!
The ability to never give up and selflessly love your body, love her in the world of fashion and subscribers.

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