What Renata Litvinova does in Paris If you think Renata Litvinova fled to Europe from Russian problems , then you are deeply mistaken.

What Renata Litvinova does in Paris Like Alla Pugacheva, who went to Israel to receive medical treatment indefinitely, Renata Litvinova solves her health problems in Paris. What Renata Litvinova does in Paris” />

It must be assumed that the treatment will be long, since the artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater Konstantin Khabensky has already canceled all performances with her participation, right up to September.

What Renata Litvinova does in Paris

True, illness does not prevent Renata from taking part in other projects in Paris. The day before, she boasted that she was filming a short film in the costumes of her beloved Damna BALENCIAGA.

Apparently, it is impossible to work with her sores only in Moscow, but in Paris you can.

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