What plastic surgery did Lyubov Orlova

Какие пластические операции делала Любовь Орлова
It first told biographer of the famous actress.

About Love Orlov were many legends during his lifetime, and after her passing. One of the most common — she did many plastic surgeries in America and paid for them not her husband Alexander, and the great comedian Charlie Chaplin.

“Yes, Lyubov Petrovna really got plastic surgery — confirmed its biographer and the author of the epilogue to the book about her Michael Kunitsyn, who for many
years worked with the archives of the legendary actress. But in the films the 40-ies (“Bright path”, “Spring”, “Meeting on the Elbe”, we still see the face of the eagles. And in 60-e years she has had to have facial surgery. Although not so much as talk about it, and not by Chaplin (that’s another myth). And in General, not abroad, and at home. She, apparently, was only two operations: one circular lift one eyelid. This is what was possible for sure to install.”

Orlov loved his profession and was ready to make any sacrifice to achieve success.

“Until the fateful meeting with Alexandrov Orlova in every sense of the word was a different person — continues the biographer. But the Director had a clear idea of what needs to be a movie star. Immediately put Lyubov Petrovna two conditions: natural brown-haired women it always turns into a bright blonde. And makes yourself porcelain teeth to a brilliant white-toothed smile. It would not hurt to lose weight. With his height of 158 centimeters and Orlov in the frame of the Merry men looked plump. Over time, all the conditions Aleksandrova she performed.

For it in General it was very important to take care of yourself. In their performance “Dear liar” Orlova from the stage, uttered the words: “And I will never be more than 39 years, for a single day!” That was Love itself Petrovna. Acting in the film “Starling and lyre”, where in ‘ 72, she played the young heroine, Orlova tore the body…”

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