Кто по национальности Сергей Кужугетович Шойгу

Shoigu is one of the most popular Russian politicians, more than twenty years in senior leadership positions – he is now the defense Minister, and before that managed the Affairs of the Ministry, was Governor of the Moscow region.

To find out what nationality is Sergei Shoigu, you must look at his biography. He was born sixty-three years ago in Tuva, in the small town of Chadan. His father was a Tuvan, so it is possible to say that the Minister of defense Tuvan. Father Sergei Shoigu was an educated man and served as editor of the regional newspaper “Shyn”, later his career was further developed he became Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Tuva.

		Кто по национальности Сергей Кужугетович Шойгу

In the photo: Sergei Shoigu with his parents and sister

The mother of Sergei Shoigu was Russian, a native of the Oryol region, has long worked as a livestock expert. Later Alexandra Yakovlevna moved to a senior position became chief of the planning Department of the agricultural Department of the Tuva.

		Кто по национальности Сергей Кужугетович Шойгу

The religion of the Minister of defence say a lot of things, including the fact that because he’s a Tuvan, then Buddhist. However, Shoigu claims that he is an Orthodox Christian, and adheres to the religion of his mother.

Sergei Shoigu: the latest news

		Кто по национальности Сергей Кужугетович Шойгу

In some television reports, you can see that the Minister of defence of the baptized, which is proof that the nationality of Sergei Shoigu did not affect the choice of faith.

		Кто по национальности Сергей Кужугетович Шойгу

In the photo: Sergei Shoigu in his youth

At the same time, Shoigu did a lot for the Buddhist clergy, helped build temples in his native Tuva.

“Shoigu lot is doing for Buddhism and the Buddhist clergy, helps to build in Tuva temples. I am sure that if to him for help Buryats and Kalmyks, he’ll help too,” in an interview with the Bair Lama Radnaev.

Short biography of Sergei Shoigu

Mr Shoigu has always had a special thirst for knowledge – he studied well at school, then at the Polytechnic Institute of Krasnoyarsk, where he mastered the profession of civil engineer. After graduation Shoigu fifteen years gave to the building trades, having worked on large Siberian construction sites for almost fifteen years, first as a master and later leader of the various units of the industry.

From the outset he showed himself a good leader, and in the late eighties he first proposed to the party position.

		Кто по национальности Сергей Кужугетович Шойгу

During the year he was second Secretary of the party Committee in Abakan, and then took the position of inspector in the regional Committee of the CPSU Krasnoyarsk.