What movies have drew Barrymore was watching her children?

Какие фильмы Дрю Бэрримор смотрели ее дети?

Now we can add to the list of films for the “Netflix and chill” the new season of the American Comedy zombie “Diet of Santa CLARITA”. The main role in the series played by drew Barrymore! The actress attended the show “Good morning America” and talked about what movies they watch her children. Who wants to be a little Olivia and how to relate to the movies mom?

The star said that her kids olive and Frankie — I love my mom’s films “eternal love Story” in 1998 and “50 first dates” 2004. Barrymore jokes that she’s not selfish and force children to watch her movies makes! “They call them “mommy movies” and I really love them. I’m proud of myself and what I’ve done, what left of the message in the movies. Pictures are intended for young girls and boys. We all just want to find love, to be kind and cool.”

Drew also introduced to their children their most recognizable, iconic work in the film “Alien”. However, the daughter of actress classic is not quite like it, but he was sure that soon olive Nov will return to the picture. Little more like the movie “the Goonies” in 1985, which was played by Sean Astin, Josh Brolin and Corey Feldman.

But before watching the new series, drew will spend with the daughter of the explanatory work, because she already feels a certain fear of the “Diet of Santa CLARITA”. The fact that the girl had visited the set one of the episodes of the third season when her mother was stabbed with a fork! The girl was very scared, but the actress was quick to explain to olive that all this is just for fun and with my mom all right!

She olive a special love for acting career is not, but refuses to be like mom! However, apart from that, she would love to have combined work on the films and the service of the country. The eldest daughter told the actress that he would like to be a police!

But Barrymore’s childhood was not so serene. “When I was six years old, my mom dressed me like a little 80-year-old woman,” the actress said in an interview. Drew’s childhood was a famous actress and worked a lot. Already at the age of five took place at Barrymore film debut. Looking through old photos, the actress said that could not find in the archive of homemade pictures. “There are no pictures taken of the house as if I never was at home at the time… I Have no family, I always worked since I can remember. It’s funny, and mites will not get out of the house,” says the famous actress.

The child actress was very rich, because she began to work hard at an early age. It is no secret that problems with alcohol and drugs, she started at the age of 13. It was then that she first went to rehab. “In my life there were many rebellions. The ferocity and rage was in me. Can’t stand when I’m in control,” says the actress.

At one point drew realized that he wanted to tell only the happy and funny stories to the audience. She was tired from the heavy and dramatic storylines. In addition to their heroes on the big screen, truly happy, the actress began when her daughters were born. “My girls made me stop. They make the whole world stand still. This is the love I always wanted to learn,” says Barrymore about motherhood.

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