Что заставило Алсу отказаться от публичности?
Large the singer apologized to fans.

Что заставило Алсу отказаться от публичности?


Photo: @alsou_a (Instagram Alsu)

Before Lil Wayne was a frequent guest of social events. Rare party or music awards were held without its participation. But shortly before the birth of her third child, she refused publicity. The first year she devoted to the care of the long-awaited son Rafael, and then started to record the new album. The singer promised to return “story.” A few months ago, she announced that will present their works, but then again she disappeared out of sight of the fans.

Recently, Lil Wayne apologized to his fans for being “cinched” with the release of the album. As promised the singer, that she was recording in the Studio will fully justify its absence in the life of the Russian show business. “No offense, my dear, that time disappeared from the radar! You will forgive me when you hear what I have for you prepared here! A few more strokes and all!” — promises Magical.

Alsu announced important news for fans

Fans waiting impatiently, when will be able to meet the “new” Alsu. The actress previously told me that recording an album in a new genre. For the resulting break in her career the singer has prepared for performances of new material. The singer wanted a change, so now her repertoire will differ from that used to listen to her loyal fans. Alsu adapted modern musical trends and recorded a few dance tracks. Very soon students will be able to find out what happened.