Что связывает Памелу Андерсон и Джулиана Ассанжа?

It is no secret that Pamela Anderson is Dating a 32-year-old footballer Adil Rami, but in the web there are persistent rumors about the affair of the stars of “Baywatch” with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. What actually connects Pamela and Julian? Meets the star herself.

In the fall of 2017 Anderson visits Assange in the Embassy of Ecuador in London, where he was granted political asylum in 2012. Pamela visited the leading “60 minutes” Liam Barletta and spoke about their relationship. “Between us there is no romantic relationship, but it is for me the closest person. Even closer than many of those around me. And he trusts me unconditionally. This is true friendship,” says Pamela, though not denying that their relationship has a romantic touch. Binds them also fight for animal rights.

The presenter asked, would Anderson to meet with Assange after his release, she gave an ambiguous answer: “you Know, he looked a bit pale for me. He would tan on the beach. Well then, who knows… no, I’m kidding, I’m kidding.”

Now Pamela meets up with Adil Rami. Despite the difference in age Pamela was seriously thinking about having a future with the footballer Adil Rami. They planned a wedding and children, but something did not grow together. Adil promised sweetheart that after France became the world Cup champion, he will do star offer. The word football kept and presented to the c ring Cartier the impressive diamond. But Pamela refused and the guy even insisted on parting. Now the stars together again.

As you know, for the sake of Pamela defender of the club “Seville” and the national team of France, Adil left his civil wife, French model Sidonie Bieman, and twin sons Zane and MADI. The kids then were only a couple of months, but Adil did not stop. According to TMZ, this was the cause of separation.

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