What life was like Ilona Novoselova: scandals, kidnapping, the rumors of a sex change

Какой была жизнь Илоны Новоселовой: скандалы, похищение, слухи о смене пола Tonight died the finalist of the seventh season of the show “Battle of psychics.” Ilona Novoselova fell from the sixth floor. A few years ago, she became one of the most discussed persons kidnapped her, and then began to say that she really went for a sex change operation.
Какой была жизнь Илоны Новоселовой: скандалы, похищение, слухи о смене пола

Ilona Novoselova claimed their extrasensory abilities in the sixth and then the seventh season of the popular mystical show “Battle of psychics.” In 2008, she abruptly decided not to participate in the program. She stated that she saw the sign and now under pain of death, should leave the show and to abandon the struggle. However, after a year Novoselova again decided to test their abilities. 21-year-old girl took second place, losing to winning Alex Pokhabov. She struck the popularity of – many turned to her for help and recorded on the consultation.

The star of “the battle of psychics” Ilona Novoselova found dead in Moscow

However, four years later, the name Ilona flashed in reports crime news – it turns out her and a young man was kidnapped and asked for ransom of the seven and a half million rubles. After the full amount has been received, the hostages were released. After contacting law enforcement agencies the criminals were caught.

“You can’t describe it how scary still, I can’t go out alone,” said Ilona four years ago.

However, instead of sympathy for the girl was bombarded with criticism. Some accused her that the kidnapping was a setup for the extra mention in the press. The girl’s mother, Elena Novoselova, said that this incident hurt Ilona and nearly drove her to suicide.

“Even once wanted to jump from the 15th floor, the friend kept. I feel very sorry for her,” the woman said in an interview.
Какой была жизнь Илоны Новоселовой: скандалы, похищение, слухи о смене пола

After the scandalous material about the kidnapping, opened the details of her past. According to some, before Ilona Novoselova was a man named Andrew, but in adolescence changed their sex. It turned out that her companion Oleg, who was abducted along with her, did such an operation and were preparing to get a passport and a new name – Lana.

In the TV report it was reported that mentor Ilona Irina Bogdanova even tried to dissuade ward from final operations. However, according to one version, the psychic was adamant – she believed that it only adds to her magical powers.

“No, this is impossible, that man changed his gender and became a psychic. In appearance it is not felt that it was a boy and then a girl,” said colleague girls Ziraddin Rzayev in the report.
Какой была жизнь Илоны Новоселовой: скандалы, похищение, слухи о смене пола

Albina Selitsky, who was on the project together with Ilona, said that the girl is really different from the others. In her opinion, she didn’t know how to walk in heels all the time stumbled, did not know how to handle the female stuff.

After the information about sex change appeared in the Network itself Novoselov were quick to refute these rumors.

“In connection with negative events, I would say: no master I have not, never was and never will be. Irina Bogdanova – it failed and did not prove their abilities. There is a myth that I’m supposedly a transsexual and had a sex change. This is also true. And on with whom I communicate and what my environment is my own business” – said the psychic in the video.

However, for almost ten years did not appear any significant evidence that Ilona went for a sex-change operation – was not children photos, true stories of friends or acquaintances. Novoselova herself admitted that after graduating from elementary school, the girl was homeschooled and began to devote more time to the development of psychic abilities.

“In the 8 years I went to school. Classmates did not accept me, I didn’t understand them and kept to themselves. I could not get along with teachers, I didn’t think that they are right. In General, from the age of 12, I stopped attending school and became involved at home, more and more time with their abilities,” said the psychic.

Какой была жизнь Илоны Новоселовой: скандалы, похищение, слухи о смене пола

There were also rumours that she tied a romantic relationship with the winner of season 14 Alexander Sheps. Not so long ago, in one of a series of the program “Psychics lead the investigation”, Novoselov came face to face with the Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro, which has long met with a charismatic medium. Marilyn Kerro will enter the battle with the ex-girlfriend of Alexander Sheps

According to the observations of Elena Golunova girls competed and tried to show their superiority to each other and not focused on the job.