What a legacy did Alexandra Yakovleva leave On April 1, actress Alexandra Yakovleva died a few months before she was 65- summer anniversary.

What legacy did Alexandra Yakovleva leave Since 2017, she has led struggle with oncology, her breast cancer was discovered at the last stage, but thanks to the efforts of doctors, Yakovleva lived after that for almost 5 years.

What a legacy did Alexandra Yakovleva leave

Daughter Elizabeth followed in her mother's footsteps and connected her life with theatrical art – she puts on performances in the Orphanage near Moscow. She is married and has three children.

What legacy did Alexandra Yakovleva leave

The son of Yakovleva, Kondraty, lives in Kaliningrad and works in the structure of Russian Railways, heading the Kaliningrad Suburban Passenger Company, and his only daughter Anastasia also works there.

Alexandra Evgenievna's children are very friendly with each other. They will get her inheritance, which can be called modest. Yakovleva owns an apartment in St. Petersburg worth 13 million rubles and a dacha in the Leningrad region, which is estimated at 7 million. from the cinema, taking up work at Russian Railways, where she held senior positions, then the actress moved into politics and social activities in her native Kaliningrad.

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