What ISA Anokhin has attracted the attention of the British press?

Чем Айза Анохина привлекла внимание британской прессы?
The tabloids are full of headlines with the name of the Russian star.

Чем Айза Анохина привлекла внимание британской прессы?

Victoria Beckham

Photo: @victoriabeckham (Instagram Victoria Beckham)

Svetlana Anokhina

Photo: @aizalovesam Instagram ISA Anokhina

ISA Anokhin became the heroine of the British tabloids. And the star of Instagram has attracted the attention of the foreign press, not applying to this great effort. ISA microblogging attracted the attention of journalist of the newspaper The Sun, who found that English — “Russian copy” of Victoria Beckham.

In an article published on the above mentioned British online the comparison of ISA with the ex-spice. The main topic was the discussion of how English has achieved such a tremendous resemblance to Beckham. Fans, filled with confidence that the ISA itself and “ordered” an article about yourself, sharply criticized it. However, they did it in vain: ex-wife of rapper Guf says that he has to publish irrelevant.

“My husband and I give all the extra money for needy families and children with serious illnesses. I say this not to make you praise, and say, in fact. To buy articles? Journalists write about what they want and get paid for it. The extra material can get, unless you’re a girl a sugar daddy and he’ll always “pushes”.

I’m not as skinny as Victoria! Not such a successful and not so beautiful! But I love myself and don’t want to copy anybody. It is difficult, long and expensive. I have things to do and where to spend their money. In General, I am pleased that I, not outstanding woman, noticed, but not very pleased that lied, saying that I am Russian Wiki! I ISA! And I like it!” — responded to criticism of the ISA.