What is the laminate? Its structure, main classes and their purposes

Что такое ламинат? Его состав, основные классы и их назначение

Laminate flooring can be found in every other apartment. It’s time to look closely at it and understand what kind of material, in the future, not to be mistaken with a choice.

Laminate composition

Laminate is a floor covering consisting of several layers. He has a very high strength characteristics, water resistance and security, as it is made of pressed wood.

The laminate consists of five layers:

  • a layer of acrylic or melamine resin;
  • a picturesque layer of paper;
  • film, enhancing moisture resistance;
  • a panel of fiberboard or particleboard;
  • moisture-proof paper impregnated with a special compound.

Что такое ламинат? Его состав, основные классы и их назначение

The top layer depending on the class, for example: AC4 and AC5 have good endurance, he is not afraid of scratches, deformation and other mechanical damage. At the moment there is only 1 brand of laminate, which, when the plate 32 class, makes ismerely the top layer of AC5, which was previously used only for commercial types of laminate. Details view laminate is provided here. The laminate extends protection not only on the upper surface of the layer, but also on the sides of the panel, on the borders of the joints.

The more expensive options are laminate, the top layer is covered with another and particles of a solid mineral that repels dust. A layer of decorative paper can simulate a variety of materials — wood, marble, stone. But remember, the most important layer is the top layer because it makes it possible to serve a beautiful pattern on the floor. Secondary in importance is a layer of fiberboard or particleboard. It is 80% of the total panel structure. This layer is treated with resin and wax in order to improve the strength and moisture resistance of the composition. The bottom layer is impregnated with a formaldehyde polymer and it is created to impart waterproofing properties of the laminated panel.

Major classes of laminate

After the tests of the laminate on wear resistance, impact resistance, moisture resistance and sound insulation has been allocated two types of flooring — domestic and commercial purpose. The first figure came to mean the appointment. Figure 2 meant household, and figure 3 — commercial use. Soon, however, the laminate domestic purposes ceased to be issued.

Now in production there is a laminate of four classes:

  • 31;
  • 32;
  • 33;
  • 34.

Of course, the higher the number of the class laminate safer and stronger (in terms of load on the plate, that is her kink). Let us consider what the difference between these classes of laminates from each other.
The laminate of 31 class is very thin in structure. Its width is 5-10 mm, the protective layer is not more than 0.2 mm. It has cheap price and designed for use with small power. It is mainly used for flooring in children’s rooms, storerooms, bedrooms. But even in these areas the laminate flooring will last only about 5 years. Now this is increasingly replaced by 32 class.

Что такое ламинат? Его состав, основные классы и их назначение

Class 32 is used not only in residential but also in offices, where the floor is in greatest severity. Board width is about 12 mm, a safety layer of about 0.4 mm. This class is more impact resistant, moisture resistant, however, more expensive than its predecessor. The life of this type of laminate about 15 years.

Laminate 33 class is used in rooms with strong load. It is used in offices, cafes, dance schools, where there is high load on the floor wstelco. Board thickness of the laminate is 10-12 mm, the protective layer is from 5 mm. the Cost of this coverage starts from 1500 rubles. per square meter. It’s not cheap, however, class 33 has characteristics of water resistance, also he looks very similar to the parquet of natural wood and is guaranteed over 20-30 years.

Что такое ламинат? Его состав, основные классы и их назначение

34 class most durable and expensive. Panel thickness of 12 mm, and a protective layer is 0.6 mm. it is Used in areas with high traffic such as gyms, airports, stations. This laminate meets all the requirements of water resistance, sound insulation. For use in home manufacturers offer an endless guarantee.

What type to choose to solve only to you, but we forgot to bring you some pictures of the laminate in the interior.

Pictures of brand My-floor: www.my-floor.com.ua

Price when choosing a laminate

Not always the price of the laminate directly affects your choice. Class 31 and 32 with istiraemost the top layer (AC3, AC4) it is suitable for premises with an average load. Also, these classes can be used in places of high humidity. 33 class finds its device in public areas. Class 34 best used in places with special conditions, where the floor load is very high.