На что Татьяна Навка поспорила с Татьяной Тарасовой?
The Olympic champion was upset by a comment from his coach to address her charges to the project “Ice age. Children.”

Tatiana Navka and Tatiana Tarasova

Tatiana Navka is deservedly considered an incorrigible workaholic. Here
your 43-year-old birthday of the Olympic champion met at work. This
day was held the shooting of the project “Ice age. Children”, where she
is one of the mentors of talented young skaters. “I have a birthday, and I work — shared the star of figure skating. And isn’t that
happiness? Thanks to all my colleagues, all my beautiful kids, friends
congratulations, flowers and your love to me!”

Colleagues, fans and guests of the show literally
threw her flowers number of bouquets she had received on the set
of the project, are unable to count. And of course, like any birthday girl, this
day athlete said goodbye to much of what any other day would not go
with the hands of the hero of the occasion. For example, when Tatiana Tarasova made the remark
one of the pairs of young skaters who are under guardianship Navka, Olympic
the champion gave a decisive rebuff, and even argued with the coach regarding
the correct performance of some elements. “Track of the steps was one
side!” — said Tarasova. What Navka is very loud and a bit offended
addressed the children. “Children, please show how you are in the “one” side
make the track! Excuse me, just to further understand!” On
request Tatiana athletes demonstrated track steps in both directions, and
it’s even Tatiana couldn’t argue. Guests of the show, the participants and the trainers noticed that the Post touching the guardian of their
wards and always rises to their defense.

Congratulations on the filming of the project was for stars only
first. In the evening Tatyana celebrated birthday with friends and got
the best gifts from their daughters. Baby Nadia, along with skaters
prepared for mom a dance on ice to the tune of the cartoon “the emerald city”.
At the evening celebration of three girls,
of course, it was not. Dance youngest daughter Tatiana saw only the following
morning coming to the rink. But the eldest daughter Tatiana Alexander performed
for mom a beautiful lyrical song in English in the evening in