Что такое мармолеум и где он может быть полезен?

Long gone are the days when the choice of flooring was limited to tiles, parquet, laminate and linoleum. In the struggle for your comfort innovative materials literally snapping at the heels of traditional solutions and often win in this battle. For example, Marmoleum flooring, which you should definitely pay attention to.

Что такое мармолеум и где он может быть полезен?
Marmoleum Forbo Marmoleum

What is Marmoleum?

Marmoleum is made from natural and environmentally friendly ingredients: linseed oil, wood flour, natural resins and dyes natural pigments in various shades. The basis of the material — jute fiber, which still make bags and ropes. But with the name comes some confusion.

Что такое мармолеум и где он может быть полезен?
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Initially, this flooring called linoleum, as it was made from flax. However, the word is firmly fixed to the synthetic material of polyvinyl chloride having little to do with environmental friendliness and naturalness. At the moment, this flooring is called or natural linoleum, or Marmoleum. The last name introduced the company “Forbo”, leader in the production of natural linoleum. In consequence, the name “porcelain” spread to similar products from other brands, as in his time happened with “diapers” and “Xerox”.

Characteristics of Marmoleum

Based on the composition, it is obvious that Marmoleum — environmentally friendly and safe material.

Что такое мармолеум и где он может быть полезен?
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Properties of Marmoleum:
— hypoallergenic and non-toxic;
— has excellent antibacterial properties;
— elastic surface reduces the load on the spine;
— does not support combustion and is not electrified;
— high durability and resistance to mechanical damage;
— service life of 20 years;
— it has high thermal insulation characteristics;
— can be mounted on the old floor covering;
— affordable price.

Field of application and decorative properties

Marmoleum has an interesting texture with small stains and streaks. They are not applied artificially and are obtained by the production process of curing the homogenous thick mass of raw materials. It also offers a wide range of colors, with about 100 basic colors from the neutral gray and beige shades to bright red and black.

Что такое мармолеум и где он может быть полезен?
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Marmoleum comes in different versions:

  • in rolls;
  • in the form of tiles;
  • in the form of tiles based on the HDF-plate with locking system for floating installation.

Due to the high precision of the connection joint is obtained which is practically invisible, and you have the opportunity to lay out simple patterns from stripes and checkerboard and more complicated compositions.

The advice of the designer: the top layer of Marmoleum is not afraid of water, and a tight fit of the joints is no significant amount of liquid to come into contact with the lower layers. Thus, this material is suitable for installation in areas of high humidity

Marmoleum Forbo

Marmoleum is so pleasantly springy underfoot, reducing the load on the spine, and has such a high anti-bacterial properties, which is commonly used in medical rehabilitation organizations of Russia and the world. Needless to say that decorating the floor in the nursery, the kitchen or the hallway it is also great?