От чего же всё-таки умерла Вера Глаголева?

As reported by many media, a well-known actress and Director of the Russian Federation Vera Glagoleva died of cancer, but is it? Spouse Glagoleva Kirra subsky asked physicians to determine the exact cause of the death of his wife, because she was very busy lately, which could lead to the depletion of the body.

От чего же всё-таки умерла Вера Глаголева?

Subsky told reporters that he requested to discover the cause of death of doctors because, as Director, Glagoleva worked for 12 hours. Before she died, she spent all their time shooting their film, which often do not have time to relax. As they say her colleagues, the actress had a lot of plans for the future. She wanted to attend film festivals abroad, and according to the actress Irina Zybina, Faith wanted to write a fairy tale scenario.

Back in June, Glagoleva had fun at the wedding of his youngest daughter Anastasia. She danced with the guests and seemed fully healthy. A few hours before the death of the actress talking to his friends. No one guessed they will soon be irreversible.

16 th, Wednesday, died a famous Russian actress who played the role in “Two women”, “Order” and “One war”. Before his death, 61-year-old Glagolev had been struggling with stomach cancer. Despite uhudshenie status, the actress continued to lead a life full of creativity. Glagoleva died in Germany and this news has shocked not only fans, but also the family of the filmmaker.

On Wednesday, the actress showed up at the clinic Baden-Baden for a consultation. Soon the actress did not. Experts say that cancer doesn’t kill this fast. It is possible that the actress died from something else. The cause could be a full depletion of the body due to excessive strain at work that had a place in the last month of life Glagoleva.

“People, long suffering from cancer, might die just from another illness. Patients with cancer can be a number of comorbidities such as hypertension or coronary heart disease, impaired cerebral circulation that are not directly associated with cancer. On the background of reduced immunity, it loses its strength to resist other diseases — said the doctor-oncologist, Central clinical hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences Pavel Koposov.

19 August the actress was buried in the cemetery Troekurov. Her passing is very emotionally expressed by the forward of NHL Alexander Ovechkin: “Our beloved Faith…….it is impossible to believe and realize! Love You and will always love!!!”.