Как проходят свидания Роберта Паттинсона и Сьюки Уотерхаус?

At star company has been a shuffle — ex-beloved, star of the film “Twilight” Robert Pattinson and singer FKA Twigs, dispersed on various fronts. The fact that the artist found a replacement star of “vampire” in the form of controversial actor Shia LaBeouf and Robert fell in love with ex Bradley Cooper and Sookie Waterhouse. As a couple spends Dating?

Как проходят свидания Роберта Паттинсона и Сьюки Уотерхаус?

About the novel the pair began to read at the end of July, when they did for kisses. Yesterday the lovebirds went on a romantic date. Robert and sukie were seen at the entrance, and then at the exit of the popular stars of the restaurant Chiltern Firehouse in Central London. Eyewitnesses even reported end time date 2:15. The stars, the paparazzi were not happy: they tried to hide, covering his face with clothes and hiding behind the tinted Windows of the car.

Recall the rumors that Robert and Waist, known by his stage name FKA Twigs, are experiencing problems in a relationship went at least a week, but the pair of them did not comment. The Western press has learned from insiders that the guys really ended the relationship, and the initiator was Pattinson.

In recent months they really started to deviate from each other, and spending less and less time. “He’s tired of relationships, broke them, and told friends that they Waist parted. After so many years spent together, between them, of course, there are still strong feelings. Difficult time, but they both realize that can’t go through life as a couple.”, — said the source.

Fans didn’t just said that guys don’t date, because the Waist began to notice a wedding ring. The artist noticed in Ibiza in the company of a young man, with whom she acted in more than gently. The singer says it’s nothing serious she’s not with him and they are just friends.

At that time, the star of “Transformers” Shia LaBeouf broke up with sweetheart MIA Goth, which met for six years! The reason for the breakup called FKA Twigs. Assumptions were true. The network got photos, which the actor went for a jog together with a new girl.

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