WHAT IS 'NEW SHOP' AND WHY THERE IS HIGH DEMAND There is no unambiguous interpretation of this concept .

As a rule, “new resale” means housing in houses that were commissioned no more than 5-7 years ago. Such houses have convenient layouts, engineering communications are in good condition, and the microdistricts in which they are located have already acquired the necessary infrastructure. Depending on the quality of construction, the first signs of wear and tear may already appear at this time, and housing may lose some value.

If we compare the “new secondary housing” with Soviet-era houses with their cramped kitchens and low ceilings, then the difference in price in the same location can be twofold. As for the comparison with new buildings, a few years ago the “new secondary housing” noticeably overtook them in price. Today, the situation has changed: housing under construction has almost caught up with the price of housing recently built, and interest in the “new secondary housing” has grown markedly. On the other hand, the “secondary” from the “primary” is distinguished by a formalized ownership right. Apartments in a rented house cannot be sold under equity participation agreements. If the owner is an individual, then it will not be possible to buy such an apartment on a preferential mortgage.

According to the link https://spb.etagi.com/vtorichnoe/, more than a third of offers are for secondary housing in St. Petersburg built after 2013. About 15% of the supply is housing built in 2020 and later. Some of the housing is being sold with repairs, the rest of the housing is being sold without finishing, but the location primarily affects the price.

Of the entire pool of recently commissioned housing, apartments owned by the developer are considered the most attractive. Such housing has no history, one owner, there can be no hidden rights of third parties, etc. Banks are willing to issue mortgages for such property, and the developer can offer a discount for a faster exit to the deal. If it is important for the buyer to move into the apartment faster, then the option from the developer is not suitable, and you have to look for housing with decoration. A good repair can increase the price by 10-15%, especially if the owner leaves the necessary equipment in the apartment.
Currently, a large selection of apartments has formed on the secondary market and the competition for a buyer between sellers is quite high. The impressive volume of offers and the willingness of the owners to bargain into the hands of buyers. In addition, interest in the secondary market is influenced by the abolition of near-zero interest rates on mortgages on new buildings.

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