Что происходит с футбольной карьерой Аршавина

Andrei Arshavin is one of the most well-known domestic players, and his fame extends far beyond Russia. The athlete became famous thanks to the excellent performances in the Euro Championships and the Russian national team and to contracts with such foreign clubs such as “Arsenal” and “Kairat”. The footballer played as an attacking midfielder and striker.

Arshavin and Zenit (1999-2008; 2012; 2013-2015)

The St. Petersburg club “Zenit” was and still is for Andrei Arshavin sign. So, it was here that he started playing 18 years in the youth team “Zenit-2”, and thus was able to further gain wide popularity. It was quickly noticed and at the age of 19, the athlete became a first team regular.
In those days, Arshavin was the star of the team, even wore a few years the captain’s armband. Thanks to the sportsman club several times became the Champion of Russia, winner of the Premier League, got the super cups of Russia and UEFA and the UEFA Cup. He proved to be the best football player of Russia from the Soviet era in Euro 2008.
Even after the sale of the football player in Arsenal club again took it out, although the results they achieve has failed.
The third time, the athlete returned to the club a full member, and the first time actively participated in the game, scored and gave assists, but after a two-year contract to renew the contract did not.

Arshavin in Arsenal (2009-2013)

Perhaps one of the main achievements of the player was a contract with the English club “Arsenal”. Only a handful of Russian athletes received the honor to perform at such a high level. Arshavin was able not just to speak, over the years he scored more than 100 goals in the opponent’s goal, despite numerous injuries.
If the first time the player each time showed the highest class, starting in 2011, it is increasingly left in the replacement players. Returned from lease in 2012, the player appeared on the field, however, good results as in former years, did not bring.

Other clubs

Incredible love Andrei Arshavin football did not let him quit his career after 30, as do many players. Let fame receded, however, another 4 years he acted as a salaried agent.
So, the player managed to play a few months in the team “Kuban” and then went to Kazakhstan to play for the club “Kairat”. This team helped him to relive moments of glory, because that’s where he has been the best player of the tournament and again proved himself in the Europa League. Arshavin helped the team to the Cup and the Supercup of Kazakhstan.
Farewell to the player with the football passed on this team after November 5, 2018 Arshavin left the team, and a month later announced his retirement.

The attitude of the player

Not to recognize the talent of the athlete in the mid-2000s, it was simply impossible, for which he received awards and love of the audience. Experts predicted him a great future, and in some games the athlete really pulled the whole team. However, not all games were outstanding, and sometimes the player was not seen on the field.
To participate in the national team of Russia, which takes the best players, Arshavin was destined 2 times: in 2008 and 2012. And if the first time his performance can only be described as brilliant, after all, largely thanks to this player of Russia won bronze, the second, unfortunately, failed, although Andrew played in 2012, not only as a footballer but as a captain.
After the defeat he made some reckless statements, which lost the love of fans. Playing the last game under the whistle fans, he never played for the national team.

The current position of the player

If a year ago no certainty about the career of famous football player has ever had, but is now known for sure is that Andrei Arshavin will no longer be on the field. He said this on 3 December 2018. Later it was reported that the athlete receives coaching license in the Centre of excellence coaches from the club “Zenit”.
According to the news Agency TASS, now Arshavin will train children up to 15 years https://tass.ru/sport/6238238 on the basis of the team “Zenit”. And who knows, maybe one day he will achieve great successes in his coaching career.
Though not to say that the football career of Andrei Arshavin completed, because he is working with young players, to act as a player on the field it definitely will be no more.

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