Как сложилась судьба победителя «Евровидения-2017» Сальвадора Собрала “StarHit” find out what she’s doing now artist. A few months ago Salvador Gathered underwent a major heart surgery. As a result, his health has improved, and now the musician is working on new compositions.
Как сложилась судьба победителя «Евровидения-2017» Сальвадора Собрала

Salvador Sobral was the most prominent participant of “Eurovision-2017”. A poignant song about a young man “a heart that can love for two”, won the hearts of the fans of the competition worldwide. Then not everyone knew that the Portuguese is seriously ill.

The diagnosis of “heart disease” the artist has set in childhood, and the disease has regularly affected the health of El Salvador. Even on “the Eurovision” it couldn’t arrive in a timely manner, and in the end came to Kiev just before the semi-finals, having missed a few rehearsals.

Over the past year with the singer there were many important events. On the eve of the final of “Eurovision-2018” “StarHit” recalls the main ones.


September 19, 2017, fans were shocked by the news of his sudden hospitalization. As it turned out, feeling Together deteriorated and so he had to go to hospital Santa Cruz in Lisbon. Soon he did and was in intensive care.

“The state of health of El Salvador Gathered does not allow him to leave the intensive care unit of a hospital in Lisbon. The forecast is saved, and his visits are limited”, – said the representatives of the artist.
Как сложилась судьба победителя «Евровидения-2017» Сальвадора Собрала

Then the musician hooked up to a machine that artificially supported heart function. He had to replant on in the near future, but wait we had for a few months.


Как сложилась судьба победителя «Евровидения-2017» Сальвадора Собрала

Only 8 December 2017, the musician underwent surgery for a heart transplant. Fans from around the world tried to keep Salvador at such a difficult time for him, pulling his Instagram wishes for a speedy recovery.

“I believe everything will be fine. You are strong and talented people, and then God will save you”, “Keep fingers crossed for El Salvador. He’s such a bright man”, “the Whole family are worried about you”, – shared her emotions with fans of the artist.
Как сложилась судьба победителя «Евровидения-2017» Сальвадора Собрала

Shortly after the operation, the Portuguese doctors said that the worst is behind us. But he had to go through several months of rehabilitation. Under a positive scenario, Salvador could lead a full life.

In December also released a documentary film dedicated to the artist. It describes in detail how El Salvador began the ascension on a musical Olympus, and what price was obtained his victory on “Eurovision”.

In January 2018 appeared information about the fact that health has Collected has improved markedly. He was discharged from the hospital on January 11.

“Salvador successfully recovered after surgery. Now he needs to pay maximum attention to their health, so in the next few weeks the concert activity is impossible. Thanks to everyone who during this difficult period is sincerely worried about the El Salvador”, – reported the official representative of the singer posted on Instagram.

Next week Gathered recovering from surgery and simultaneously preparing a new musical composition.


In March, a man began to actively perform at various concerts. In numerous interviews he admitted that his health has improved. According to Salvador, his health was always fragile, but now men began to hope for a long and happy life.

In April Gathered began to write new songs. He regularly gives concerts in his native Portugal. On the eve of “Eurovision-2018”, the man has released a new song called Mano a Mano, which, in the opinion of many fans, to help El Salvador’s triumphant return to the musical Olympus after a forced prolonged absence.