What happened to the participants of the project “Factory of stars”

Как сложились судьбы участников проекта «Фабрика звезд» The popular show first aired 15 years ago. Graduates of “factory of stars” took part in the programme “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov to tell each other and their fans about what they are doing now.

      Как сложились судьбы участников проекта «Фабрика звезд»

      15 years ago on Russian television released the first season of the reality show “star Factory”. In front of millions of viewers ordinary boys and girls become popular artists, style icons and sex symbols. Where are they today? What do you do? About the former the participants told themselves, came to Andrei Malakhov in the program “Tonight.” Together with his former wards in Malahova was the Director “factories of stars” Lina arifulina and the permanent host of the project Yana Churikova.

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      Как сложились судьбы участников проекта «Фабрика звезд»

      In the Studio turns out graduates from different seasons of “American idol”. First appeared Mikhail Grebenshchikov, who took third place in the first season of the show.

      “What about your dreams?” – asked the musician Andrey Malakhov. “Yes, some even too much, – said Mikhail Grebenshikov. – Could I, the Voronezh boy, to imagine that I have so will be the fate that all so rush and go. Six months after moving to Moscow I had an apartment in the capital, and I became Moskvich”.

      By the way, the public appearance of the star of the first “American idol” was very thorough. Not long ago, Mikhail Grebenshikov had plastic surgery, becoming a hero of the First channel program “ten years younger”. Michael Grebenshchikov decided on plastic for a new love

      Now Grebenshchikov is engaged in producing, writing music for films and plays, teaches at the school of Alla Pugacheva. The personal life of the musician did not work out, now he is free and confident that the best had yet to come.

      Как сложились судьбы участников проекта «Фабрика звезд»

      The guys from the group “Roots” when it was crazy all the girls of the country. Pavel Artemyev, Alexander Astashenok, Alexander Berdnikov and Alexey Kabanov was the dream of millions of fans. A few years ago the band broke up. Each of its members went their separate ways.

      Pavel Artemyev plays in the theater, engaged in their group, it turns out royalties – he is the author of the lyrics of several songs, which were performed by the group “Roots”. Family Artemyev no. “I do not regret that I left the band, but remember with gratitude the time. I saw the entire country from the bus window two times,” – laughing,said Pavel Artemyev.

      Alexander Astashonok trained as an actor, he graduated from GITIS, in films. Together with his wife raising a child. But the father of many children was Alexander Berdnikov, his wife and four children – three daughters and a son. Alexander Berdnikov took the twins from the hospital

      Как сложились судьбы участников проекта «Фабрика звезд»“I have a lot of fun. I Wake up early. Daughter of Milan goes to school. And I stay home with two babies who are five months,” said the young father.
      Как сложились судьбы участников проекта «Фабрика звезд»

      With loud applause the audience in the Studio were greeted by a member of the group “Fabrika” Sasha Savelyev and Irina Toneva. Another remarkable singer Sati Casanova couldn’t be on the air, because these days is far from Moscow. “You haven’t changed, it seems, are exactly the same as in the days of the project,” complimented the singers Andrey Malakhov.

      Irina and Sasha remembered the days when they lived in the “Factory of stars”.

      “I wanted to stay in the House another week – admitted Toneva. Though I was annoying some of the participants. “I remember that we even had to sleep under the camera, – joined the conversation Sasha Saveliev. We wore shirts and shorts, because I realized that I can dream to open up, and people will see us naked”.

      Alexander Savelyev, as we know, happily married to one of the most beautiful actors Russian movie Kirill Safonov.

      Как сложились судьбы участников проекта «Фабрика звезд»

      Another participant of “Factory” Maria Alalykina very quickly after the draft left the band, got married and adopted the Muslim faith. Since then, its official name is Maryam.

      Как сложились судьбы участников проекта «Фабрика звезд»

      For a long time she lived in a mountain village in Dagestan. In 2008, Mary’s husband left her and married her best friend. Now the former “star factory” participant returned to his parents and engaged in translation for Muslim sites. She is friends with Sati Kazanova and congratulates her on Muslim holidays.

      Как сложились судьбы участников проекта «Фабрика звезд»

      Then in the Studio has invited Hera levy. The contractor entered the history of “Factory of stars” as people who left it first. He now works as a parodist in the theater Yevgeny Petrosyan and regularly appears in the show on the channel “Russia 1”. By the way, the talent of the parodist was seen on the project.

      “We could not choose a song for him, told Lina arifulina. – He is completely “shot” of the performer. And we wanted Hera showed their individuality”.

      By the way, the transfer Gera Levi couldn’t resist and impromptu showed a parody of the singer Lev Leshchenko.

      The winner of “star Factory -3” was Nikita Malinin, the son of a famous musician Alexander Malinin. Song Nikita “Kitty” loved all the girls of the country the beginning of the two thousandth. “You’re like a rocket burst, everyone loved you. And suddenly you disappeared…” – began a conversation with the ex-industrialist Andrey Malakhov.

      Как сложились судьбы участников проекта «Фабрика звезд»“Rockets don’t always launch successfully, joked Nikita Malinin. – After “factory of stars” I have worked a couple of years. Then he left the stage, began to write dance music. Now working in Nightclubs. I’m happily married. My wife Natasha, my ex-classmate for 17 years together. Children have not yet”.

      One of the brightest graduates of the second season of “American idol” Lena Temnikova, which is considered a sex-symbol of Russian show business, admitted that he came to the project an absolute child.

      Как сложились судьбы участников проекта «Фабрика звезд»“I was only seventeen years old, I had never been kissed by a girl, but constantly something imagined. I came up with the image of the girl-vamp, and I was insanely difficult to portray,” – laughing, said the singer.

      Temnikova also remembered that the producers were worried that she too rapidly gaining weight, and permanently restricted her food. “I kept saying, “Temnikova, stop eating!”, – Elena continues. – And here with it “enough to eat” I live life”.

      Today Lena Temnikova successful singer, mom daughter Sasha and wife. Her second marriage he had a happy, in contrast to the first.

      Как сложились судьбы участников проекта «Фабрика звезд»

      Fans of “American idol” may remember that the project for Lena cared Alexei Semenov. She didn’t have to pay for a guy’s attention, but then gave up. The couple were married. However, the Union collapsed. The couple had a different understanding of happiness. Alex, who was older than Temnikova for ten years and was already a successful producer, wanted children, Lena is to have a career. Former husband of Temnikovo now also happily married, first in January of this year, Alexei Semenov was born long-awaited daughter Lisa.

      Yulia Mikhalchik, who took third place in the project “Factory of stars-3”, remembered not only for the fact that filigree sang the most difficult songs, but the fact that her live made an offer to producer Alexander Shulgin.

      “You brought this story to the end?” – asked Yulia Yana Churikova. “Let’s talk about this in another show, he evaded michalczyk. – I after Sasha was married and divorced.” Julia Mikhalchik about divorce: “Son we did not explain anything”

      Как сложились судьбы участников проекта «Фабрика звезд»“This story is a part of my life, – admitted Yulia. And still this man, I from the heart can not release. I spoke with him so far and really respect him”.

      Now the singer has a teenage son, whom she named in honor of the famous producer Alexander. The boy is nearly four years.

      Как сложились судьбы участников проекта «Фабрика звезд»

      Pierre Narcisse was remembered to fans of his hit single “Chocolate Bunny”.

      Как сложились судьбы участников проекта «Фабрика звезд»“Thank you for all of us, I am grateful for this meeting”, – said the singer.

      Now he runs his business and recording new songs. Will soon be released song, recorded by Pierre in a duet with French singer Desiree, performer of the hit “Voyage, voyage”. But the most important achievement, the narcissist believes that his family and eleven-year-old daughter.

      Как сложились судьбы участников проекта «Фабрика звезд»

      Came for the programme, the graduate of “Factory of stars-2” Zhenya Rasskazova told about personal tragedy. She lost her beloved. The young man Eugene died the next day after he proposed to her. The girl admitted that they could not come to himself after tragedy.

      Как сложились судьбы участников проекта «Фабрика звезд»“I didn’t know how to live. But managed to recover, now I am happy – said the former “”star factory “participant”. – Write books, paint pictures, give concerts. I have a very interesting life.”

      Among the guests of the program was Dmitri Astashenok, the brother of Alexander Astashenka, the soloist of group “Roots”. The participant “Factories of stars-2” works in America, records his albums, and participates in festivals. The musician is quite happy with the attitude of his creative life.

      At the end of the program Andrey Malakhov turned to Nikita Malinin. “You’re so rarely on TV that just needs to perform the hit, which I’m so excited,” said Andrei Malakhov. Under the applause of the Studio Nikita Malinin took the stage to sing the song “Kitten”. He was supported by former colleagues in the project, causing fans of an acute attack of nostalgia for the days when the First channel went weekly program “Factory of stars”.