Что случилось? Максим Фадеев внезапно расторг контракты со всеми артистами
The musician announced the closure of the production center.

Maxim Fadeev

Photo: @Instagram fadeevmaxim Maxim Fadeev

A few days ago from the wards Maxim Fadeev became aware of the impending Grand changes in the lives of all who associated with him in business relations. Julia Savicheva hinted that the musician is preparing to close its production centre. The rumors have acquired in social networks at an alarming assumptions about the reasons Fadeev decided to take this step. Someone even said that max was seriously ill and was forced to withdraw from working with the artists. Now everything fell into place. Fadeev explained how there were rumours that he completes producing activity.

According to Fadeev, he really has closed its center, and terminated the contracts with all the artists. This was done in order to create something new and unique for the Russian show-business. Now Maxim is not a producer of the wards, and partner. About how will look his interaction with Julia Savicheva, SEREBRO group, Nargis, Glyuk оZой, Oleg Miami and other singers, he said in his microblog.

“We canceled all production contracts with artists.In 1993 I began working as a producer with his first artist. At that time the music business was different – we were innovators in music and approach to the business. Today actors are others, including, I mean, and those with whom we work for many years, and himself. We grew together out of the relationship “producer-artist”. The new background of our work is a partnership approach. We not only get rid of the old name of Production Centre and comes into force a new name – music label MALFA, but completely change the business strategy. I talk a lot about the new show business, and in order to build it from scratch, you need to update something that is already waiting for change. We begin with ourselves. The time has come for personalities when an artist creates trends and is working on its way is a new, still unfinished, for most scheme, but we are going to take this risk!” told about the changes Maxim.

Recall that in early February on the TNT channel launched the show “Songs” with the participation of Fadeev and Timothy. The program was created in order to “ignite” new stars of show business.