What Jennifer Lopez's daughter looks like While Jennifer Lopez is arranging her personal life and preparing for the wedding, her children – teenagers are on their own.

What Jennifer Lopez's daughter looks like Recall that the singer has a gift from Marc Anthony two children – twins Emma and Maximilian. Max is a modest guy, little is known about him, the famous mother rarely shows him online.

What Jennifer Lopez's daughter looks like

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But daughter Emma is considered to be incredibly talented and beautiful, they say, she inherited all the bonuses from her parent. The girl has no voice and has already performed with Lopez on the big stage. In addition, at the suggestion of her mother, at the age of 11, she began to capitalize on fame, along the way forming a reputation as “well, just an angel, not a child”, releasing her collection of daily prayers for children, which she allegedly reads every day.< p> Then the pandemic began and Emma almost disappeared from the radar for a couple of years. Well, the other day, Jennifer Lopez went shopping in the company of a shaggy kid in a shapeless sweater and jeans. Not otherwise than the son of Max, but no, it turned out that this is the beauty Emma. This is how she looks now.

What Jennifer Lopez's daughter looks like

Perhaps, celebrity children have arrived in the regiment of “search for themselves” celebrity children . Previously, the daughter of Angelina Jolie was actively searching for a sex change, perhaps now Emma Anthony will also go this way. The people are a little confused: “I thought it was a son!”, “Is this not a boy?”, “Is this a daughter ?? Nightmare!”, “Maybe it will go crazy again!”, They are surprised on the net.

In one of the interviews, Lopez shared that she brings up children in strictness regarding their vocal lessons, but otherwise they have freedom self-expression. She tries to raise her daughter independent of male society, instilling in her that marriage and family are not the main thing in life.

According to Jennifer, Emma already declares that she is unlikely to get married at all. Is it possible that over time the teenager will change his mind to the opposite, or, under the influence of freedom of expression, will begin preparations for a sex change?

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