What Alice Arshavin looks like now If earlier Andrey Arshavin's ex-wife Alice glued a plaster on her face to hide changed appearance, now she no longer hides anything.

What Alisa Arshavina looks like now Recall that Arshivina's health problems began after a scandalous divorce from a football player. “What Alice Arshavin looks like now” />

The journalist's face has changed: his nose has fallen through. Many suspected that she had an unsuccessful plastic surgery, and Arshavin's ex-wife herself said that she had an autoimmune disease. Later it became known that it was syphilis. At the same time, they say that Alice also began to have mental problems. At the moment, she practically does not appear in public.

But, the other day she was noticed at one of the sites in Moscow, where she spent time with children. Arshavin no longer hides her face.

What Alisa Arshavin looks like now< p> Eyewitnesses recognized her with difficulty because of painful thinness. There is no trace of the appearance that was during the marriage with the athlete.

What Alisa Arshavin looks like now

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