What do we know about the new first lady of the United States Melania trump

Что мы знаем о новой первой леди США Мелании Трамп Elections in America won the eccentric billionaire who has no experience in politics. Trump is going to run the country from the perspective of a businessman. However, public attention is riveted not only to the new President of the United States, but to his beloved 46-year-old model Melania trump. “StarHit” met more with the biography of the wife of the head of state.

      Что мы знаем о новой первой леди США Мелании Трамп

      On Wednesday summed up the results of elections in the United States. They won 70-year-old Donald trump. America’s first lady will become his wife, 46-year-old Melania trump. The woman was born April 26, 1970 in Slovenia. Reporters noted that for the first time in the history of the country the President’s wife was born abroad. Maiden name Melania – Knows, her father worked as a car salesman and her mother worked in a textile factory.

      “She was interested in everything related to beauty and fashion, and she always had a talent for design. In my father’s garage she repaired and repainted the old trolley from the supermarket and made her a box for plants. She loved to knit,” says the biography of Melania the authorship of the mountain of Fire and Igor Omerza.
      Что мы знаем о новой первой леди США Мелании Трамп

      In his speech at the Republican Convention fiancee trump admitted that parents taught her to work a lot to achieve in life. By the way, the performance of Melania made a lot of noise in the press, but not with the powerful message. Part of the media accused the spouse of the businessman of plagiarism, they say, trump just remade a fiery message from Michelle Obama that the former first lady of America was presented in 2008. However, the team of Donald denied it, and each remained unconvinced.

      It is possible that Melania helped write it, after all, heard about the existence of “ghostriders” – people who help with the preparation of texts for others. Besides, trump is unlikely to graduate courses in rhetoric, so she could seek the assistance of others. About education Melania know that she came to the University of Ljubljana, specialty related to architecture and design. However long the girl is not enough – she dropped out of University to focus on her model. However, the lack of a diploma does not prevent Melania to speak six languages – native Slovene, Serbo-Croatian, English, French, Italian and German.

      “Many say that I resorted to various procedures to change your face, but I didn’t do anything. I lead a healthy lifestyle, care about the face and body. I am against Botox, against any injections. I believe that it is harmful to skin, nerves. I’m ready to grow old with dignity, like my mother,” says Melania.
      Что мы знаем о новой первой леди США Мелании Трамп

      Pose for photographers Melania began in adolescence, when she was 16 years old. Cute tall girl quickly noticed and began to invite to the shows in world capitals of fashion. When John turned 18, she signed a contract with an Italian fashion Agency and moved to Milan.

      With Donald trump Melania met in the late ‘ 90s, when the model was shot for Allure magazine. Say that the businessman was smitten at first sight. He immediately began to request the telephone by a sexy model, but she refused him because trump is a well-known womanizer. On that night the man was in company with another lady. However, the entrepreneur does not belong to the number of people who give up easily, and he continued to Woo Melania.

      After some time a native of Slovenia gave up. About the relationship of the models and eccentric entrepreneur, became known after the release of his reality show, based on the business. Trump did not hide that he had feelings for his friend. With the model he has also performed in radio program of Howard stern. In the air the popular program Donald announced that he had found the love of my life.

      “He (Donald trump – ed.) believes in America, he will be a fantastic US President,” believes the wife of the new head of state.
      Что мы знаем о новой первой леди США Мелании Трамп

      Since then, as Melania was a sweetheart trump, her popularity increased. From leggy models, and so everything went quite well, and after the affair with the businessman started to invite more shooting. At different times, Melania has appeared on the covers of many glossy magazines and participated in shows of famous brands. To see the face of Melania can be had in such publications as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine, InStyle Weddings. A lot of fuss about shooting beauties for British GQ, held in 2000. In those shots she poses completely naked. In the same year edition of the Sports Illustrated model admitted the “Miss Bikini”.

      “The appearance of any woman depends entirely on what’s going on in her soul, from the emotions that women suffer and her health. The secrets are simple: I eat well, exercise regularly and rest. Do not give yourself to be lazy,” says the model.
      Что мы знаем о новой первой леди США Мелании Трамп

      In 2004, Melania and Donald got engaged. Wedding ceremony businessman and model, which happened a year later, became one of the most talked-about events of the time. To trump this marriage became the third. The celebration was on a Grand scale: dress model brand Dior has managed in 100 thousand dollars, sewed it 550 hours. The hall where the celebration took place, was decorated with thousands of flowers, and for dessert were served seven-layer cake, decorated with three colorful flowers with the elite Grand Mariner liqueur. On the table was caviar and champagne brand Cristal, which flowed like a river. Lovers are invited 450 guests, including Mohammed al-Fayed, the family of Hilton, Oprah Winfrey, usher, Elton John, Clint Eastwood and many others. According to the journalists, the wedding cost of Trump in excess of one million dollars.

      After two years the Melania son was born. Adorable baby named Barron William. The boy was the fifth child of trump. In an interview, the businessman told me that in their family it’s perfect.

      In 2010 Melanie decided to try out a new profession. The model announced the launch of a jewelry collection of their own design.

      By the way, not so long ago, Russian TV presenter Tina Kandelaki admitted that he admires the new first lady of America. Celebrity named the heir after her. “I remember very well how very pregnant I watched in 2000, the beauty contest that led Melania. The owner of the show was Donald. She was prettier than all the contestants combined. Very predatory and noble at the same time. Now it is fashionable to laugh. She, of course, far from “cozy,” Michelle, a “sesame Street” is filmed, and, if necessary, can give a Patriotic speech steeper than the husband. But there’s this woman breed… that’s when I chose this name for my Melania” – shared a woman in Instagram.

      “Me and mom, and wife, engaged in the business… But I clearly prioritize: no matter how I valued the business, I’m primarily a wife and mother,” says Melania trump.
      Что мы знаем о новой первой леди США Мелании Трамп

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      Что мы знаем о новой первой леди США Мелании Трамп
      Что мы знаем о новой первой леди США Мелании Трамп