What do we know about “the many faces of a witch” the Hope of Shevchenko

Что нам известно о «многоликой ведьме» Надежде Шевченко Participant in the seventeenth season of “Battle of psychics” is one of the strongest on the project results of previous tests. She sees the souls of the dead, helping those in need and always maintains contact with the “dead shadows”. With each release, her abilities are enhanced.

      Что нам известно о «многоликой ведьме» Надежде Шевченко

      Hope Shevchenko came to “Battle of psychics” from St. Petersburg. There she was born and still lives. For her the city on the Neva is a concentration of magical energy which can be given to few. A psychic tries to give comments about his family, believing that the question of personal life off – limits. However, we know that Shevchenko gave birth to an heir quite early – at 18. She soon divorced her husband, and some time later he died under mysterious circumstances. After that, the Hope promised to tie the knot.

      For the main witches are her abilities. She was sure that they passed on to her from her grandmother, who survived the siege of Leningrad. The people her cousin had respect, because she was known as a healer and fortuneteller. In 12 years in the future witch suffered clinical death, after which the girl was discovered her magical potential. She began to dream strange dreams, in my head little Nadia was painting and saw the images, to explain that while she could not. After many years she got Tarot cards and other magical attributes, learned to read and communicate with the world beyond the grave.

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      Another screening test in the “Battle of psychics” Hope showed the crew that can really speak to souls of the dead, they often help her and give the right hints. The witch is confident that any magic based on faith, which is able to uncover the whole personal potential. Shevchenko tries to show the other participants their uniqueness and not paying attention to intrigues of konkurety.

      The witch declares that is able to arrange any ceremony. She even has a list of copyright rituals, with which you can solve family, financial, and other problems. There is information that the program participant does not hold distantsirovaniya techniques, only personal meeting. If a person has no opportunities to see her, she offers to refer to those methods which are on its official pages in social networks in the public domain. Hope Shevchenko is the leader of his own school of magic. She is gaining back only those who have imagination, has a thrust to all the unusual and always amazed others with their paranormal abilities.

      Some viewers are predicting her exit in the ending and argue that competition it is only Swami’s Grace and Marilyn Kerro. The Hope has not commented on the situation and has so far refused to give a forecast for the near future. But she sought the respect of their opponents. In the last air on the test where you had to look in the mirror and determine who stood in front of him a minute earlier, Shevchenko better than the rest of the participants coped with the task. She not only identified the sex of the person, but also gave an accurate description. The girl recognized the witch was shocked and asked after the recording of issue to talk personally with her. Then the woman lined up. Everyone wondered what happened, and no one was able to find this explanation.

      Hope Shevchenko is still not fully disclose their psychic skills. Opponents believe that one waits for the right time to “attack”. However, it already has its fans, which is expressed full confidence in its victory.

      “Great, super! I wish You all the best! Rooting for You! Good luck!”, “It is evident that you are a wise,experienced witch!”, “You are very strong, victory will be yours!” – I wrote to subscribers in Instagram.