Что можно Дмитрию Нагиеву? Comedy series “Kitchen” on STS channel fulfilled a cherished dream of many creators of the TV movie. The Saga of the twists and turns in a particular institution of Haute cuisine even looks the part of the audience, whose age is referred to as 10+. That is an unprecedented success!

      Что можно Дмитрию Нагиеву?

      So when I was invited to play in the final episode of the picture #kuchniapolska by Dmitry Nagiyev, I instantly agreed. One shooting day, as promised, did not stop. So the next morning I had to fly in frosty St. Petersburg. Signed a very important document to disclose the details of the plot can not open, please reveal only that we worked on the Black river, near the site of Pushkin’s duel.

      Will tell you what surprised me Dmitry Nagiyev. First, the message that even though he plays the owner of the restaurant, in real life, gourmet pickles does not allow your body does not sleep. And secondly, one of the most famous showmen of the country is preparing for the anniversary in April Dmitry will be 50! Honestly I never would have thought!