Чем отличается наш сериал «Мост» от шведско-датского оригинала May 21, NTV starts the adaptation of the cult detective Bron/Broen. In the beginnig of the original on the Øresund bridge discovered the body of a woman lying exactly on the border between Denmark and Sweden. The Russian version of the series takes place at the Russian-Estonian border at Narva Friendship bridge between Narva and Ivangorod. And that’s not the main difference and main similarity is the Russian project abroad.

According to the creators of the project, the first season of “the Bridge” scene is identical to the original. However, global social problems, which the maniac is to explain and justify their crimes, changed taking into account the Russian reality and mentality.

Instead of using child labour in factories in third world countries (as in original) the authors raised the issue of fraud with housing for graduates of orphanages.

Чем отличается наш сериал «Мост» от шведско-датского оригинала
Чем отличается наш сериал «Мост» от шведско-датского оригинала“In General, differences just enough so that the story was organic and could exist in our Russian reality,” say the creators.

The problem with the homeless, which also rises in Bron/Broen, the producers of the Bridge decided to replace the problem of production of counterfeit alcohol. Instead of topics related to psychiatry, is the theme of black transplant… But, as in the original version, all crimes committed on the territory of the two countries. “We have Russia and Estonia”, the authors say.

In the original, the main characters leading the investigation on the part of both States, are diametrically opposed to each other. Saga Noren and Martin Ruda. Our is no exception: the same different, Inga, Veermaa and Maxim Kazantsev. And in this difference lies the source of humor and intense emotion.

She is the representative of the Estonian law enforcement bodies performed by Ingeborga Dapkunaite – perfectionist, it gives her the opportunity to dominate the investigations.

He is a Russian investigator, played by Mikhail Porechenkov – the perfect embodiment of “Russian-ness”: brave, reckless, kind, fascinated, and worried about things. And at the same time he has problems with discipline in the family: not against drinking, carousing, reckless, in General, man.

The heroine Dapkunaite acts well according to the rules, the hero Porechenkova – rather in the circumstances. And even look that immediately catches the eye: a strict and collected by Inga with a straight back and our Maxim – with a waddling gait and hands always in his pockets. On the other hand, citizens of Kazan much achieves thanks to his communication skills and the ability to find approach to any man, but Inga gives the result using logic and extreme concentration on the investigation. But in the end they learn from each other and each other’s complementary.

“Between Swedes and Danes is not such a big cultural difference, – says the actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite. – Between the Russian and Estonian differences much more. In Inga have traits that are more similar to autism, but we don’t put heroin diagnosis. She perceives the world literally and does not understand irony. If to say, “We have not seen for a hundred years,” she answers, “No, we have not seen for a year and three weeks.” She’s all concrete, and it makes her a good professional.”
Чем отличается наш сериал «Мост» от шведско-датского оригинала

Family circumstances the Kazantsev in Russian version and the character in the Swedish-Danish original – Martin Ruda – have a number of significant differences. Maxim happily married, he genuinely loves his family, has three children, the eldest son from his first marriage lives with him and his new wife. The investigator is quite normal and organized life. And at the same time, he’s a ladies ‘ man, absolutely can’t do without flirting. Women is his weakness. Martin, in turn, is divorced and, moreover, he had a vasectomy.

A few words about the car… the main character in the Swedish-Danish version of the Saga Noren in the presence of a darling vintage-Porsche – 70-ies and olive green. For shooting the Russian version of the creators of the series decided to find at least an interesting car. As a result, the heroine Ingeborga Dapkunaite moves on a green Land Rover Defender is a British SUV, which is typically used in the army.