Что она с собой сделала? Екатерина Варнава прокомментировала перемены во внешности
Star ComedyWoman annoying questions from fans.

Yekaterina Varnava

Photo: @Instagram kativarnava Catherine Barnabas

Catherine Barnabas reacted sharply to comments from fans, who noted changes in her appearance. Fans have written about what the star ComedyWoman changed much during his career, and, as they believe, for the worse: there were deep wrinkles and a painful. She was supposed to look ten years older than his age. Catherine did not like the criticism, she responded to the claims of haters.

“The answer to your yesterday: “What happened?”, “What did she do to herself? It is a disease!” and my favorite “Who is it?” I’m not the same yeah! What about my Breasts? Dropped! What’s with the hair? Go with beam because of all the time dirty head! What is thinness? I lost 170 pounds! And I’m really 180 years old…” says Barnabas in the published video. The shots where she ridiculed the questions of the fans appeared in her personal microblog.

Earlier, Catherine talked about how that did not make much effort in losing weight. Weight loss was a natural result of the change of diet. 34-year-old Barnabas gave up meat and fish, and sweet and starchy foods. Diet-related health problems has provoked changes in the shape of a star.