Что связывает Ким Кардашьян и Тори Спеллинг?

Что связывает Ким Кардашьян и Тори Спеллинг?

The self-proclaimed super-fan of the series “Beverly hills 90210”, Kim Kardashian can become a part of it this summer along with her best friend Lala Anthony!

46-year-old tori spelling said that Kim Kardashian almost got the role in the reboot of the series “Beverly hills 90210 revival”! “During the development the team said that it would be fun to have Kim in the episode, because she’s working to become a lawyer in real life,” — said the tories on the Boston Mix 104.1 hosts Carson and Kennedy in an interview on September 27. “We had the role of a lawyer, so we thought it would be great if she played her! The late Kim’s father, Robert Kardashian, was a well-known and successful lawyer from Beverly hills, so this role would be perfect.”

Что связывает Ким Кардашьян и Тори Спеллинг?
Although there is no information about whether or not tori, who was the Executive producer and writer of the series along with colleague Jennie Garth, addressed a similar proposal to Kim. The reality star said that she is more than open to this idea. When asked if she’s ever interested in the appearance in an episode of the cult TV series, Kim immediately replied, “I’m ready!” The series “Beverly hills 90210, I associate with my childhood. I used to ask my father a sweatshirt with the inscription 90210. And I would very much like to become
a part of this!” — continued Kim.

Что связывает Ким Кардашьян и Тори Спеллинг?
Kim had a special bond with her favorite children’s show, as she also grew up in a cult zip code of Beverly hills, during the initial run of the series. A native of Los Angeles about restarting, wrote in his Twitter: “I’m so ready for this! Special
the spice she adds, the fact that her best friend Lala Anthony will play the role of the wife of Brian Austin green, super-fan Kim was more than thrilled with this news. Kim couldn’t contain her excitement when Lala shared a spicy on-screen kiss with Brian.

Kim started to study to become a lawyer after found a passion for prison reform, she wants to help people who, in her opinion, were illegally imprisoned. One of the women whom she helped free, 64-year-old Alice Johnson even appeared in the recent campaign, Kim.

Although Kim does not actually visited law school and not graduated. California has the opportunity to qualify for the bar exam for people who graduated from College with accreditation level 60 (she’s 75) and a four-year internship in a law firm. Kim plans to do so in 2022, but at the same time she must work at the firm for 18 hours a week. Recently left this world, dad Robert
Kardashian was also a successful lawyer, so maybe it will work with Kim!

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