What color flip flops: new scandal in your network

Какого цвета шлепанцы: новый скандал в сети

Remember the infamous dress, the color of which saw everything differently? So, after it, the designers have created a flip flops-the chameleons. Let’s understand, what color are they.

Remember the story of the dress, the color of which in the past year in the network so hotly debated? Some saw it white-gold, the other blue-black. And those and others stood their ground. It almost fights never came!

A year has passed, and now there is a new debate: this time about the color of the flops. Their photo recently appeared in one of the Twitter accounts, and all the work again got up, people rushed to discuss the color combination.

Some see Slippers black and blue, others white and gold, there were even those who saw the combination of blue with gold or blue with brown. In General, again twenty-five: Internet users broke is not a joke! However, according to the survey edition of BuzzFeed, most people incline to the white-gold variant.

But you know what’s funny? Among these options there is no right answer. The manufacturers of these sandals chameleons said that they are in fact blue with dark blue! Can you imagine? Dark blue never seen before no one here!

And how to understand it? That idea of the designers failed? Or that they, too, see the color of his creation distorted? Indeed, in that year after the incident with the dress, the scientists explained in the secret. The way we see the dress depends on the structure of our eyes and how the brain processes information about the subject. The brain processes light waves of different lengths that fall on the retina and detect color of this light is related to a universal emotional reaction, so some people can see white and gold in color even in the shadows, while others see only blue and black.

What do you think, what color flip flops really?

  • Definitely, white and gold!
  • Golden-blue! It’s so obvious!
  • Blue
  • I still
  • A different hue (write in comments)