Как меняется наше влагалище в 20, 30, 40 и 50 лет

When asked to name the most obvious age-related changes, many immediately imagine the crow’s feet, skin that has lost tone, dark spots (by the way, all this is perfectly normal and you have nothing to worry about). But there is one part of the body that over the years, changing with the skin and muscles, is your vagina. SPLETNIK.RU asked experts to talk about age-related changes of the vagina, to which each of us should be ready, and that you can do to maintain sexual health.

Like any other part of your body with the skin, glands and hair follicles, the aging process affects the appearance of the vulva and vagina, regardless of how well you take care of it, says MD, gynecologist from Santa Monica (California) and author of the book “Teologia: the complete guide to intimate health of women,” sherry Ross. And we are not just about the external changes that occur over decades, and the sensations during sex and comfort.

Как меняется наше влагалище в 20, 30, 40 и 50 лет

How to change vagina 20

The first major changes happen after puberty. Hormonal labia increase, actively growing pubic hair, there are daily selections.

Gynecologist clinics LazerJazz Svetlana Nosenko explained that in 20 years a woman’s body is fully formed and female hormones are at their peak.
Estrogens help to become a mother, and also support external and internal beauty: the vagina is folded over and comb that affects the quality of sexual intercourse. Due to the amount of estrogen produced by a large number of lactic acid bacteria. They protect the vulva and vagina from inflammatory elements,— said the expert.

Как меняется наше влагалище в 20, 30, 40 и 50 лет

How to change vagina 30

After the first child’s pelvic floor muscles and nerve fibers are stretched (some at the time of birth resorted to perineotomy — dissection of the vaginal muscles), sometimes they can even tear. We must remember that after this, muscles can not recover. The muscles are healing, but there are scars. The fabric on the scars are less elastic, which reduces the overall tension and the nerve endings become less sensitive. Often you receive stress urinary incontinence is one of the effects of hypermobility of the urethra (the urethra).

Как меняется наше влагалище в 20, 30, 40 и 50 лет

To strengthen muscles, doctors recommend doing Kegel exercises. Radical method — laser resurfacing of the vagina. What it does: first, it improves the collagenases surface of the vagina recovers quickly, and secondly decreases the volume of tissue that leads to narrowing of the vagina, and as a consequence improves the quality of sexual life, even faster in a pair of notices a man. This procedure is now painless and rehabilitation of not more than a week, and the result is spectacular!

In 30 years, the estrogen level is high, many women begins the reproductive period. Some girls take contraceptives, which, unfortunately, is not always positively affects the internal vaginal flora — appears dryness, reduced libido, there is discharge, — said Svetlana Nosenko.



Outside the vagina may be a little SAG, you may receive the sensation as if something sticks. This is because there is excess tissue, — says obstetrician-gynecologist from Cleveland Selena Zanotti.


Как меняется наше влагалище в 20, 30, 40 и 50 лет

In the postpartum period it is important to check the hormones, especially testosterone, which affects sex drive. Also, to maintain sexual life and sensitivity training useful such as the vumbilding and strengthening the muscles of the pelvic day (in coordination with the gynecologist)— advises sexologist Eugene Lipchinskii.

How to change vagina to 40-50 years

Given the fact that the period of childbirth has moved, shifted and menopause. In fact, in the absence of other factors: the later the birth, the later the menopause. This period should be attentive to the health.

After birth, the next thing is the premenopausal women (that’s five to ten years preceding menopause). During the premenopausal body starts to produce less estrogen (it keeps the vaginal collagen and moisturizes the vagina, and also helps provide good blood flow to this area), not sharply and abruptly — in the form of a release cycle, there is dryness. It is also possible uterine prolapse. It may be associated with weight loss. The female body is very sensitive to vibrations — warns Svetlana Nosenko.

Как меняется наше влагалище в 20, 30, 40 и 50 лет

With that many people face after the age of 40, but for some women it can occur much later— says gynecologist from Texas John Thoppil.

According to Dr. Zanotti, without stabilization level of estrogen, vagina becomes thinner and less elastic, and the lubricant stands out much less. After menopause (the average age of its occurrence 51) the vagina and the clitoris may shrink, and the skin of the labia may become less elastic, to change the color. The most unpleasant — is vaginal atrophy, which can make sex painful. Atrophy of the mucosa of the vulva and vagina is characterized by thinning of the epithelium, reducing vaginal folding, blanching, presence of petechial hemorrhages, signs of inflammation.

Как меняется наше влагалище в 20, 30, 40 и 50 лет

How to maintain sexual health

The good news: these age-related changes should not cause you to feel depressed or leave you unsatisfied sex life. Here’s what the experts recommend be done to slow changes or to alleviate symptoms when they strike.


Experts suggest doing biorevitalization and contouring hyaluronic kontolatou strong density — it nourishes the mucous membranes, and may, for example, increase the g-spot.

Как меняется наше влагалище в 20, 30, 40 и 50 лет


Grease is a great solution for women who are approaching menopause or mothers experiencing vaginal dryness due to temporary fluctuations of estrogen. It can relieve the pain and discomfort.

The extra dose of estrogen

According to Dr. Zanotti, cream or ring with estrogens can help to reduce dryness and maintain elasticity of the vaginal tissue. However, some women (for example, a survivor of breast cancer) estrogen is not recommended. You should definitely speak with your doctor before taking them.


If you cease to have sex, the vagina becomes more rigid, and vaginal tissue less elastic, explain the doctors.

Как меняется наше влагалище в 20, 30, 40 и 50 лет

In the female genital organs occur are the same age as changes in the whole body it is necessary to understand and accept, don’t be afraid to discuss this with a gynecologist. A true professional will always support and help.

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