Что ты делаешь, Алла: вышли новые футболки с Аллой Вербер

Alla Werber

Creative ideas are in the air: the main thing — to have time to catch them. No wonder that history knows many examples when in different countries scientists independently from each other were working on the same inventions, and it was only who patent the new product first. A similar case happened now in fashion. The idea to perpetuate the statements and portraits of Alla werber on clothing seized at least two designers, but successful was only one project. For a couple of hours before the start of Fashion’s Night Out Artem Krivda announced in Instagram official collaboration with fashion Director of TSUM.

The basis of the collection is the basic t-shirts and hoodies that are decorated with bright prints. For fans of minimalism, however, there is one black-and-white model. The main English saying Alla — Guess where I am — Injustice translated into the Cyrillic alphabet. It is not excluded that with an eye on Western celebrities because they clearly have a weakness for our alphabet, but not one as Gaucher Rybchinskogo pull the Russophilia on their shoulders.

Fashionistas will be able to purchase new items tonight — the premiere collection will be held, of course, in TSUM, during the main fashion night of the season.

Earlier, the collection dedicated to Alla werber, marked and SMM-Manager from Moscow Maxim Kirilichev, but his creative impulse was faced with a harsh legal reality. His creation was not an official collaboration, which means that the logo of the TSUM and photographs were not used legitimately, and that was the reason for removing the collection from sale.