What are the chances of Prince Harry to take the British throne?

Каковы шансы принца Гарри занять британский престол?
A new “child” Duchess Catherine “move” the Prince one step.

Каковы шансы принца Гарри занять британский престол?

Prince Harry


Prince Harry, who is only five
years ago was the third in line to the throne — after Prince Charles
and his son William pushed further and further. With the birth of William’s son George, Harry became the fourth. When the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her second
child — Princess Charlotte — fifth. And after the light appears a third
child of William and Catherine, he will move into sixth position…

Curiously, the place the young Charlotte in the queue depends on who would bear her mother — a boy or a girl, a Princess in any case
remain fourth. Incidentally, it was not always so: six years ago
the emergence of a brother “moved” to Charlotte. However, the parliamentary
the act, passed in 2013, the year that changed everything. Now, under the new law,
the order of succession is determined only by the date of birth. This law was passed,
when Duchess Catherine was pregnant for the first time, and it was not known, born to
it a girl or a boy. Besides, nobody knew whether there will be a child
Duchess of the only one. And to secure the throne heir must have a new law.

Prince William and Kate Middleton


Now Catherine has provided the Royal family with heirs ahead, however, to return to the old order, no one is going. As for the pregnant Duchess, her third child should, according to plan, should be released before the end of this month. However, given that both previous times — when she was expecting George and Charlotte — Catherine “perehazhival”, childbirth can come at the beginning of may. Apparently, such a possibility is provided for in the planning of the wedding of Prince Harry imagen Markle. So Catherine probably were able to attend the ceremony, the wedding that will take place in Windsor, was appointed in the second half of may to the 19th. By the time the Duchess is already sure she even has time to recover a little after that.