Что и кому оставил в наследство Олег Анофриев?
The property of the actor and singer is estimated at tens of millions of rubles.

Photo: Yury Feklistov

The Golden voice of the Soviet movies and cartoons and Oleg anofriyev, died yesterday at 87-th year of life after long illness. It is conducted in the last path only tomorrow, but the media has already started counting his fortune.

Not to say that the play lived in “a big way”, but not in poverty. House in the elite district of Oleg Andreyevich built with his own hands not from need, but because they loved tinkering and doing the housework. And the garden — land size 50 acres — decorated hand-carved wooden statues of characters from the cartoon “Bremen musicians”. At the time this land he acquired after the sale of the apartment, which was won by Leonid Yakubovich!

“The biggest in my life, the prize — a two-bedroom flat worth 96 thousand dollars I received, becoming in the 90-ies of the winner in the “Wheel of history” — said of the play in an interview with “7 Days”. — There was serious competition, but I as well know the subject and was able to answer all the questions. About that, what you didn’t know — “dopatrium”. The prize of course did not want to give up “flush” the transmission. It is easily possible to carry out: simply to say that the film gets wet, and all the programs… But Leonid Yakubovich has behaved fantastic. He said, “Lord, if you refuse to give the prize, we will just thieves gear and I will no longer be able to participate in it”. I did not witness this, but I gave… In the end handed me a certificate for an apartment in an elite house on Michurinsk the prospectus. And we got it. Joy, of course, was the sea. And then I sold it and used the money to built this house we all moved. Love him very much. I’d love to sit in her village, nowhere to pry, but simply to enjoy life. Creativity to do, to make something with their hands…”

As found dni.ru realtors involved in real estate, the approximate cost of house and land Anofrieva — 47 million rubles. Sell “family nest” is, of course, no one is going. It lives the widow of a celebrity, and the rest of the family — daughter, grandchildren and great — grandchildren- come very often.

Also, as I’m sure the public, Anofrieva accumulated a lot of funds in Bank accounts. He was a very popular artist, and he paid well. He also during his life he wrote more than 50 songs that became hits. He regularly received royalties, and now they will pay the heirs of Oleg Andreevich.

Heirs of the first stage of Anofrieva two wife Natalya and daughter Maria.