“What about Victoria?” David Beckham presented friends new love

«А как же Виктория?» Дэвид Бекхэм представил друзьям новую возлюбленную
The footballer brought his mistress to the party.

Victoria and David Beckham

Photo: @victoriabeckham (Instagram Victoria Beckham)

Rumors that the feelings of Victoria and David Beckham hot, apparently, has been confirmed. Recently the former spice girl and her husband had been at a private party held at home of Steven Tyler, where they came together. Among the guests, as it turned out, was and, supposedly, the new girlfriend of football player. The name of the mysterious lady kept in secret, but their relationship with her athlete has ceased to hide from friends, told The Globe.

It is reported that before Victoria with children left the event all the attention David was focused on his family. He was in the image of a good husband and a step did not depart from his family. But later, when his wife left the party, he did not hesitate, gave the friends of his mistress. On assurances of eyewitnesses, the player and his girlfriend was passionately kissing the rest of the evening…

However, it should be noted that the rumors about a crisis in marriage, the star couple go not the first year. But Victoria and David regularly refute them. However, according to detractors of the spouses hold them back from divorce multi-million dollar advertising contracts and joint business. After all, if the Beckhams will announce the family problems they may suffer serious financial losses.

By the way, in confirmation of this theory Victoria recently talked about the fact that her marriage is based on partnership: “During fashion Week while I work, and children in new York, David thinks for them all the program leads to museums, entertains. He’s doing great — like me, when organizational issues have to deal with me. So work and marriage: you take responsibility at some point, you change share the responsibilities. That’s what defines good partners and we are good partners. David, with respect to career each other, we both do big business, both constantly busy. But we know when to postpone the phone just to talk to each other. This is important…”