Какая талия! Жена Безрукова поразила фигурой после родов

Anna Mathison for the first time after birth, the baby came out. The star took part in the presentation of his paintings “Prokofiev: on the way”.

Less than two months from the day when the Director Anna matison Sergei Bezrukov gave birth to a daughter Mary. And that’s really the maternity leave of a young mother over. Moreover, the reason for the release was more than pleasant. The premiere of the film matison “Prokofiev: on the way”.

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But I think about the film yesterday, no one thought. All eyes were glued to Anna – she just glowed with happiness!

In addition, the Director could boast not only for its kinorabotoy, but and figure. Only six weeks have passed and she has returned to the old forms that emphasized form-fitting dress of a dark Burgundy color. Slender legs, slender handle and no belly! Here is an example to all young mothers.

In turn, Sergei Bezrukov, who could not personally attend the event, supported her spouse in the network. The actor posted a photo of Anna and proudly signed:

“From myself personally I congratulate Anya with a wonderful directorial work – script, installation – all of it! Anya feels fabulous music! Bravo! Bravo to all who worked on this film! And, of course, Maestro Gergiev with his fantastic Mariinsky orchestra!”

Fans of the doctor all night praised both him and his wife and noted what a lovely couple they are, how to face Anna motherhood and how great that they are happy. Some fans of Sergei Bezrukov even personally thanked for the attention to his work and the work of his wife, and also agreed that after a month and a half after giving birth, she looks stunning.

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